Is Evolution True?

Scientists who believe that our existence is due to natural processes theorize that the earth is billions of years old – otherwise there would not be enough time for their theories of how we evolved to work – so we are going to give you scientific evidence that demonstrates that their theories on the age of the earth are absolutely false

Inconsistent aging – In 1862, Thompson said earth was 20,000,000 years old – in 1897 he revised his figure to 40,000,000 years – in 1899 J. Joly said the earth was 90,000,000 years old – in 1921 Rayleigh said the earth was 1 Billion years old – in 1932 W.O. Hotchkiss said that the earth was 1.6 Billion years old – in 1947 A. Holmes said the earth was 3.35 Billion years old – in 1956 he revised the age to 4.5 Billion years – currently the earth is said to be 5 Billion years old – amazing how quickly the earth ages in such short periods of time – good thing we don’t age that quickly.

Now think how much has changed in the last 100 years – we went from the locomotive to the moon in 7 decades – we went from the telegraph to international cell phones – and on and on – now take 20 of those 100 year periods and you are back to the birth of Christ – 60 of those 100 year periods takes you back to the Genesis record of creation – everything that has ever happened to men has happened in that period of time [intelligent men have always kept written records – the oldest written records only go back 4300 years]

Now take 166 of those 6000 year periods and that only gives you 1 Million years – then take 1000 of those million year periods and you finally have 1Billion years [that’s 10 Million 100 year periods just like the last 100 year period that we have just had – that’s 166,667 six thousand year periods like we have had since creation – and wait that’s still not enough time to get evolution completed – we need more time – we need 4.5 Billion years – come on who are you trying to kid?

Let’s see what can happen in 4.5 Billion years based on the scientific evidence that we have today

Jupiter’s cooling rate – Jupiter is cooling at 2x the rate it is heating from the sun – at this rate, its moon, Ganymede, should have cooled into a solid Billion’s of years ago

The earth’s cooling rate – at the rate the earth is cooling, at a starting temperature of 190 degrees, the earth would have cooled to a solid in 30 Million years

The earth’s spin rate – the spin rate of the earth is slowing down – right now it’s traveling at 1000 mph – but in the last 36 years we have added 23 seconds to the UTC clock to account for the slow down – at this rate just 80,000 years ago, the wind speed due to the earth’s rotation would have been 500 mph – 1 Million years ago the speed would have been 5000 mph

The earth’s magnetic field – this field is weakening – since 1835 global magnetism has decreased 14% – on the basis of facts observed from 1835 to 1965, 7000 years ago the earth’s magnetic field would have been 32 times stronger than it is now – 20,000 years ago the heat producing this magnetic field would have liquefied the earth – 1 Million years ago, the earth would have had greater magnetism than all the objects in the universe and it would have vaporized – based on this the earth could not be more than 6000-7000 years old

Solar Drag – the sun exerts a solar drag on the small rocks and larger particles [called micrometeoroids] in our solar system – these particles spiral down into the sun and disintegrate – so the sun acts like a giant vacuum cleaner – at the present rate, the sun would have cleaned up most of the particles in the solar system in 10,000 years and would have totally cleaned it in 50,000 years – there is no known source replenishing these particles into the solar system

Moon Dust – sunlight destroys the surface layers of rock and converts them to dust – this occurs at a rate of a few 10,000ths of an inch each year – according to theories of evolution which hold to the fact that the earth and moon are the same age, the moon dust should be 20-60 miles deep – but when Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin landed on the moon, they found that the dust was only 2-3 inches deep – making the moon only 6000 – 8000 years old

Lunar isotopes – Uranium 236 and Thorium .230 were found in moon rocks – these are short-term isotopes which quickly turn into lead – if the moon were 50,000 years old, these short-term radioisotopes would have already decayed into lead – the moon is very young relatively

Lunar gases – Argon 36 and Krypton 84 came to the moon from the sun’s solar wind – based on today’s intensity of solar wind, these gases would have built up to their current levels in 10,000 years and no longer

Helium – without going into a lot of detail, helium builds up in the atmosphere from the decay of uranium and thorium, from cosmic helium flowing into the atmosphere, and from nuclear reactions in the earth’s crust – based upon the rate of accumulation from these sources, the earth’s age could only be about 10,000 years maximum – according to New Scientist, 24, Dec 3, 1964, “There ought to be a 1000 times as much helium in the atmosphere as there is”

Niagara Falls– the falls erode at a rate of 3.5 feet [recent calculations] to 7 feet per year – the gorge created by this erosion is 7 miles long; thus the falls are 5000-10000 years old

River deltas – the Mississippi River dumps 300,000,000 cubic yards of mud into the Gulf of Mexico every year – therefore Louisiana is growing because of the increasing delta resulting from this dumping – at this rate, 120,000 years ago the Gulf would have extended to the North Pole – Ur of the Chaldees was a seaport around 3500BC – today it is 200 miles from Persian Gulf – this distance was created by the delta formed by the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers – the delta had to have formed at a rate of 35 miles every 1000 years – 80,000 years ago, therefore, the Persian Gulf would have reached Paris

Population – population rates between 1650 and 1850 are indicative of the rate of population growth through time taking into account wars, pestilences, catastrophes and the like – at time of Christ, therefore, there would have been 300,000,000 people on earth – and this population rate points back to one family around 3300BC – so, given a growth rate of 1/100th of a percent per year [low], if evolution were true, the population at the time of Christ would have been 2 x 10 43rd power [2 with 43 zeroes behind it] – evolutionists are nuts!!!

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Hope this helps,

Pastor Bevans Welder