Walls of a Godly Home: #4 Walk in Integrity

Proverbs 11:3, 20:7, Psalm 25:21, Job 2:8

Be a person of integrity because your family will appreciate and be blessed by your integrity.  The alternative will be disastrous.

Integrity is a Guide

  • Proverbs 11:3 – Integrity is a guide that goes before you
  • Another name for this is Ethics.
    • It’s a Decision to do right before its time to do right.
    • It’s a Decision to have the right attitude before its time to have the right attitude.
    • It’s a Decision to speak right before its your turn to talk.
  • Integrity does not straddle the line, but asks,  What’s right about this?
  • Integrity will guide you with the following tests:
    • Edification test – How is this edifying others?
    • Enslavement test – How will this enslave me or others?
    • Excuse test – How am I using this as an excuse?
    • Evil test – How can this be perceived as evil by someone else?
    • Evangelism test – How can this further an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work?
  • Is it Opportunity or Temptation?
    • Consider the Direction: Where will this put me in light of God’s revealed will?
    • Consider the Timing: This maybe the right thing, but the timing may be wrong.
    • Consider Yourself: Weaknesses?  History?  Ultimately a temptation begins in your flesh as a lust (James 1:14).  When that lust meets opportunity it becomes sin.  The less you yield to the flesh and the more you yield to the spirit, the less temptation will exist.

Integrity is Safety

  • Psalm 25:21 – Integrity prevents trouble more than fixes trouble
  • Why is safety important?  Because the Lord Jesus Christ had enemies and if you choose to follow Him you’ll meet those enemies who will look for opportunities to hurt you and your family.  Integrity will be a safeguard against them.
  • The world, the flesh, and the devil will beat you up if you have no integrity
  • It is wise to walk with the idea that something is at stake.
  • More people are watching than you think and less people are watching than you think.  Meaning the ones you think are watching are not watching, but the ones you don’t think are watching, like your children, are watching.

Integrity is Strength

  • Job 2:9 – Integrity has very few desires or wants
  • The happiest people are not the ones that have the most, but want the least.
  • We are fascinated by people who are immoveable, full of resolve, steadfast.  The book of Job asks the following questions.
    • Is there a circumstance adverse enough to get you to yield to the flesh?  Martyrs amaze us because they are not moved.  Remember that God is righteous, infinitely wise, He loves you, and He’s trying to reveal something about Himself to you.  This will help anchor your attitude in adversity.
    • What is your price? Judas sold Jesus out for 30 pieces of silver, we’re willing to do it for less than that.
    • What opportunity is convenient enough to get you to yield to the flesh?  What is it you do you do when you think no one is looking.  That’s called a breach in your character and it’s an area you lack integrity.
    • Do you have a desire strong enough?  Is there a demand of your flesh so strong that you have given in to it and no longer yield to the spirit?  That is an area where you’ve justified a lack of integrity.
  • Controlling people with moral character is much harder than controlling people without it.  Integrity is safety.  Many dictators throughout history have understood this.
  • Bob Jones Sr. “You can borrow brains but you can’t borrow character.”

Integrity is a Standard

  • Proverbs 20:7 – Integrity is the most necessary quality of good leadership
  • Standard on which to build because it has already proven the ability to hold its own weight.  Integrity’s value is the result of many good decisions. Hebrews 5:12-14
    • One who leads themselves before they lead others.
    • One who doesn’t demand more than he’s willing to do.
    • One who uses his position to benefit others rather than himself.
    • One who engenders loyalty through respect, not loyalty through demand.
  • Your children will be blessed and not ashamed.  Integrity will instill in your children an excellent spirit:
    • Respect
    • Security
    • Duty
    • Honor
    • Responsibility

Be a person of integrity because your family will appreciate and be blessed by your integrity.