Inseparable from the Love of God, Rom 8:31-39

Inseparable from the Love of God Rom 8:31-39 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Rom 8, Paul asks a series of questions concerning the Christian life and concludes the passage by saying the nothing “shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  That’s because we are inseparable from the love of God.

We are inseparable from God in the midst of:

Adversaries – Rom 8:31 – Paul encountered adversaries everywhere he preached.  At Damascus he had to be let down by the wall in a basket because the Jews took counsel to kill him.  At Lystra Paul was nearly stoned to death.  At Thessalonica his adversaries set all the city in an uproar.  In his own testimony in 2 Cor 11 he stated that he was in stripes, in prisons and in deaths more oft than any other man preaching at that time.  He was whipped, beaten and stoned; and in all of this he was never separated from the love of God.  We live in a soft religion today.  When we are buffeted by an adversary we are sure that God has turned his back on us.  At the first sign of trouble we are mad at God.  Realize this, God allows those adversaries because they are to drive us closer to his love for us.  God hasn’t forsaken you, he loves you.  Don’t get mad at him, draw closer to him.

Necessities – Rom 8:32 – God gave us his Son, the greatest gift that he could possibly give.  So, why would he not give you something that you need [Phil 4:19]?  However, there are a couple of things to remember.  If you are suffering in necessity it may be the result of your covetousness and abundance of possessions rooted in the love of money.  And another thing to remember is that you need to learn contentment, Phil 4:11-13.  Paul learned that the grace of God was sufficient to meet the necessities.  God loves you so much he will give you the absolute best.  So, don’t gripe when you are in necessity.  Remember that you have not been separated from the love of God.  You are being drawn closer.  So many of us confuse the Lord’s blessings with the blessed Savior.

Accusations – Rom 8:33 – Paul was falsely accused.  Jesus was falsely accused.  You will be falsely accused.  If a politician is accused do you usually believe the accusation?  Yes.  If he defends himself vehemently are you more inclined to believe the accusation?  Yes, even more so.  So, don’t waste time defending yourself.  Draw closer to the love of God.  He’s the one who justified you and he knows some stuff on you that’s true.

Condemnations – Rom 8:34 – you usually condemn yourself more than others do.  Self-condemnation is to a large degree an indication of self-love.  All of your attention is on yourself.  Turn your attention to the Lord and his love.  You will quit condemning yourself and you won’t worry about anyone else who is trying to condemn you.  Remember that Jesus is interceding for you.

Afflictions – Paul expounds the list.  You aren’t suffering from anything on this list except for distresses.  These are distracting you and taking a long-term toll on your health.  All of these things, while designed by the adversary to draw you away from the love of God, are actually there to confirm his love.  Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns in the Philippian jail.  They didn’t get mad at God, they were enjoying his love.  Paul recognized that the afflictions were part of dying daily and being crucified with Christ [Rom 8:36].  A man with whom I spoke recently said, “If Jesus walked up right now and said, ‘It’s time to go,’ I am so ready to see him.”

Conclusion: Rom 8:37-39 “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.”  To be a conqueror you have to have gone through a fight.  Paul had been through every one of these things and he said, “I am persuaded.”  He tried them all and found none of them capable of separating us from the love of God.  As a matter of fact I think he came out loving God more rather than less.  That’s why he said we are more than conquerors.  Conquerors win the wars out of love for their country and we for the Lord.