Incense and Prayer Ps. 141:2

Incense & Prayer Ps. 141:2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

David said, “Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense” – so we can see a correlation between burning incense on the altar of incense and prayer. When you compare incense and prayer you see the following parallels. Incense and prayer are supposed to both:

Be burning – Ex 30:7 – burn incense – prayer is to be fervent, hot, burning, glowing, and earnest.

Be sweet to God – Ex 30:7 – sweet incense – these prayers come up before God as sweet; he should be looking forward to hearing from you – praise is a good way to keep your prayers sweet.

Be offered every morning and every evening – Ex 30:7-8 – we often start the day with prayer but we don’t end with prayer or we end with prayer but we don’t start with prayer – do both – if you don’t you’re not doing your job as the priest did his.

Be perpetual – Ex 30:8 – perpetual incense – never stop praying from now till Jesus comes and teach your children to do the same so that they will continue this, perpetually – you should be known as a man of prayer or a woman of prayer.

Be according to God’s will – Ex 30:9 – no strange incense – to the Father, not to Mary – in the name of Jesus and in no other name – according to his will [1 Jn 5:14-15] – the Lord should never have to ask, “That’s strange; I wonder why he is asking for that?”

Be pure – Ex 37:29 – pure incense – your prayer should not be with wandering thoughts or filthy thoughts – it should always be with pure thoughts and pure motives [Jas 4:2-3] – confession is a good way to have your conscience purged by the blood of Christ.

Be plentiful – Rev 8:3-4 – much incense – not trifling prayer but much prayer – staying with it until you know you have been heard and your petition has been granted [Gen 18:23-33].

Conclusion: Prayer like this will come up before God [Rev 8:4].