I Speak Freely, Acts 26:26

I Speak Freely

This will be a short sermon with one main point.  In Acts 26:26, Paul said, “I speak freely” when he was addressing King Agrippa and Festus.  Festus thought Paul was beside himself and mad.  He wasn’t.  He just spoke without reservation or restraint when he gave his testimony.  He was speaking freely.

How many of us start getting choked up or confounded when talking to others about the Lord.  If they start looking at us funny, like Festus was probably looking at Paul, we try to make the message more palatable.  Or we get nervous and we can’t freely speak.

When Pastor King preached our missions conference, he preached Eph 6:18-20.  His points were to pray that we would have an open door of utterance, that we would speak boldly, and that we would speak as we ought to speak.

To speak as we ought to speak, we should speak freely.  In this way, we are not as concerned with what the person to whom we are speaking may be thinking as we are with what the Holy Spirit wants us to say.

Speak so that you will say all that you need to say about the gospel.  The rivers of living water from the Holy Spirit don’t have a spigot.  We should be able to freely speak so that the people to whom we speak can freely drink.  We should be a constant and full stream flowing with truth.