How to be Filled with The Spirit

How to be Filled with The Spirit


Being filled with the Spirit is something I have seen more than I have experienced. I can clearly see the hand of God in the ministry and in the lives of others. I struggle to actually live that Spirit filled life, not to say that I have not experienced it and desire to walk in the Spirit 24/7. How do we live a Spirit filled life? The following are three areas that need to be addressed.


  • [Gal.5:16-18] It’s a war! You must let the Spirit win. (Daily Battle)
  • Paul fought it daily, and knew the struggle [Rom.7:14-25]
  • [Rom.8:13-14] If you are a son of God, then you must be led by the Spirit, its how you mortify the flesh
  • You got all the Spirit of God you will ever get at the moment you got saved. To be filled with the Spirit, you must allow God to have more of YOU. Submission!
  • Clean house and make room for the Spirit [Jn.15:1-3] cleaned by the word, [Eph.5:26]


  • [Col.3:16] You must be saturated with the word of God, it must dwell in you
  • [Ps.119:11] Hide it in your heart
  • [Prov.16:1-3] Commit your works unto God, and your thoughts will be established
  • [Jer.15:16] When saturated, God’s words will bring you joy and rejoicing in your heart


  • [1Cor.15:58] Be patient, and consistent, your labor is not in vain
  • [Prov.24:16] Falleth seven times! And just keep on getting up!
  • It is a lifelong process of spiritual growth through obedience to God’s words.
  • [Heb.5:13-14] through experience you begin to discern both good and evil
  • [Rom.8:1] now no condemnation, daily benefits
  • [Jn.8:29] Our Goal, do always those things that please Him.