How God Uses Numbers in The Bible

How God Uses Numbers

The Bible is a book with 40+ authors, written over a 1600 year period, and made up of 66 books. The following are examples of how God uses numbers in the Bible. The following system is not infallible, but you will be amazed with how certain numbers have a fairly consistent meaning in the Bible.



Several things joined together to form a single, whole thing.

Eph. 4:5, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism,”

Gen. 11:1, Tower of Babel, one language, one speech

Gen.2:24, “….they shall be one flesh”

Unity may be of 2,3,5,10,or 100, but it stand as a single unit


Division or Choice

Amos 3:3, Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Numbers 13, 12 spies sent, 2 were faithful, 10 were not, [same split later in tribes of Israel]

Bible has two parts, old and new testaments

2 angels sent to get Lot’s family

2 daughters of Lot cause division

First mention in Bible, Gen 1:16, 2 lights- sun and moon- to divide



God has three parts, Father , Son, Holy Spirit

Time – past, present, future

Space – height, length, width

Man – body, soul, spirit

1 John 2:16, three temptations of man

Three enemies of man – world, flesh, devil

You and everything else is three dimensional

A thing has to be three to be complete, an unsaved man is two, division



Not real conclusive, the bible doesn’t put much on it.

Four seasons except in Gen. 8:22 there are six not four

Four directions

Ezekiel 1, deals with cherubim, there were 5, four left after the fall of Satan, Eze.28:14-19

These four represent things on earth

Face of a man – king of God’s creation

Face of an ox – king of domestic animals

Face of an eagle – king of flying animals

Face of a lion – king of wild beast



Altar = 5×5, a type of hell

Gen 5:5, the first man died. [Abel was killed]

Acts 5:5, a man dies

Man is mortal, subject to death, five fingers and five toes.



Man was created on the sixth day, Gen 1:27,31

Revelation 13:18 [3×6] says that 666 is the number of a man

The Bible has 66 books, it was written for man

Gen 6 has the word man mentioned six times

Galatians 6 the word man mentioned six times

2 Chronicles 6 has the word man mentioned 6 times

Interesting facts about the book of Joshua:

It is the sixth book in the Bible

It is the first book named after a man

Joshua has six letters

It has 24 chapters [4×6]

“men” is found six times in chapter six

Israel marched around Jericho for six days in chapter six

“man” is found six times in chapter six: and thirty time in the whole book [5×6]

Interesting facts about the book of Romans:

It is the sixth book in the New Testament

The name of the book has six letters

Man is the sixth word in Romans 6:6

Six different times, Man is the sixth word in a verse, 2:1,3,6;3:28,5:7, 6:6



Some Examples in Genesis:

God rested on the seventh day of creation [Gen.2:2]

God protected Cain’s life with a sevenfold judgment [Gen.4:24]

Seven each of the clean beast were taken into the ark by Noah [Gen.7:2]

God delayed the flood for seven days to give man a last opportunity to be saved [Gen.7:4]

The ark landed in the seventh month [Gen.8:4]

Noah waited seven days before sending the dove to find land [Gen.8:10]

Noah waited another seven days before ending another dove [Gen.8:12]

Abraham bound his covenant with Abimelech with seven lambs Gen.21:28]

Jacob worked seven years for Rachel [Gen.29:20]

Jacob worked another seven years for Rachel [Gen.29:30]

Laban  pursued Jacob or seven days [Gen.31:23]

Jacob bowed to Esau seven times [Gen.33:3]

In the dream of Pharaoh  interpreted by Joseph there were:

Seven fat cattle

Seven lean cattle

Seven ears of corn on one stalk

Seven thin ears of corn

Seven years of plenty

Seven years of famine

Some Examples in Revelation

Seven churches of Asia [Rev.1:4]

Seven spirits of God [Rev.1:4]

Seven golden candlesticks [Rev.1:12]

Seven stars [Rev.1:16]

Seven angels of the churches [Rev.1:20]

Seven lamps [Rev.4:5]

Seven seals [Rev.5:1]

Seven trumpets [Rev.8:2]

Seven thunders [Rev.10:3]

Seven last plagues [Rev.15:1]


New Beginning

Eight souls on the ark

Circumcision – eighth day, [Lev.12:3,14:10 etc.]

Noah’s name is found 56 times in the Bible, 7×8

Reconciliation is found eight times in the Bible

Revive is found eight times in the Bible

Jesus was raised on the eighth day which is the first day of the week



[Gal.5:22] 5+2+2=9 Fruit of the Spirit

[1 Cor.12 & 13] Gifts of the Spirit = 9

Nine also has something to do with covenants

[Gen.9:9] covenant

Abraham was 99 when covenant made [Gen.17:1] 1+7+1=9

Nine months for women to produce fruit



Wrongly called the number of completeness by some

Tenth man from Adam is Noah – father of the gentiles

Gentiles count by tens

Gen. 10, first gentile kingdom (Nimrod- Babel)

Gen. 10 genealogies of gentiles

Acts 10, opens the door to gentiles in the New Testament

John 10, there are sheep of the other fold – gentiles

Romans 10, missionary call and message to gentiles

First mention [Gen.5:14] 5+1+4=10



Really not conclusive

Ten = Judgment, Twelve = Israel, It’s between.

One answer is judgment

[1 Kings 11:11] Eleventh book, chapter, verse in your Bible – Judgment on Israel

10 plagues on Egypt, 11th , judgment by being drowned in Red Sea

Great White Throne [Rev.20:11] he saw 11 things thru verse 15


     Nation of Israel

Twelve: children of Israel, stars on the woman in Rev.12 which represents 12 tribes of Israel, gates, apostles

Twelve months in a year

Twelve chapters in Daniel dealing with the salvation of Israel during the Tribulation

Exodus 12 is the beginning of the Jewish nation



Bad 85 percent of the time

Most hotels and office buildings have no thirteenth floor

[Gen.13:13] 13 words and speaks of rebellion and sin

Gen. 13, Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom

Rebellion is found in Genesis, First Samuel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Deuteronomy, Mark, Ezekiel, and Revelation 13:13

First Kings 13 relates the story of a rebellious prophet

Revelation 17:5 has thirteen words in block capitals = rebellion

Mark 7:21-22 enumerates thirteen things which Jesus said proceeded from the heart of men

Psalm 55:13 contains a prophecy about Judas, the verse has 13 words.