Honour Fathers, Ex 20:12

Today we celebrate Father’s Day.  These days there is so much attention paid to promoting feminism and perverse sexual orientations that fathers are maligned in our society.  Therefore, we want to preach what the Bible says about fathers so that anyone listening can see how God, our creator, designed fatherhood.  Don’t concern yourself with how the world views this subject.  Follow what God says.  Children, you are to:

Honor your father – Ex 20:12; Matt 19:19; Eph 6:2 – honor is merited respect.  A person of honor is a person of superior standing.  So, hold your father in superior standing.  Prov 17:6 and the glory of children are their fathers.  Whatever happened to those days where children would say things like, “My father can whip your father?”  That was in the days when children looked up to their dads.  Fathers, don’t cower in this generation.  Hold up you head and walk with the deportment of a man in a position of honor.

Obey your father – Eph 6:1 – do what he says.  Prov 6:20 keep thy father’s commandment. And fear him Lev 19:3.  The fear of God is manifested in obedience; likewise the fear of your father is manifested in obedience.  In Jer 35:1-10, the Rechabites kept the commandment of their father, Jonadab, throughout their subsequent generations.  And they were blessed as a result.  Fathers must enforce their commands with discipline.  So, don’t despise his chastening when he chastens you; it’s a sure sign that he loves you Prov 13:24.

Listen to your father – Prov 1:8; 4:1-3 – listen to his instructions.  And Dad’s teach Deut 6:6-7.  Children must hear the instruction of a father.  Teach them to read and study the Bible, to hunt and process game, to fish, to perform basic mechanics and routine maintenance, to mow and keep the yard, etc.  Children don’t see the great things that God is doing and has done in their lives like we have seen.  Tell them so that they will know God is real Ps 44:1.  Don’t be a fool who despises his father’s instruction Prov 15:5.  Ask questions.  The trouble with most of us is that when we were children we were so foolish we didn’t even know the questions to ask.  When we’re older our dads aren’t around to ask them anymore.

Make your father glad – Prov 15:20 – a wise son maketh a glad father.  3 Jn 4 says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”  If you really want to put a smile on your father’s face, walk in truth. The father of a fool hath no joy Prov 17:21, a foolish son is a grief Prov 17:25 and a calamity Prov 19:13 to his father.  But the father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice Prov 23:24.  Live right and you will make your father glad.

Conclusion: Dad’s deserve the honor of their position.  It is in your best interest to obey your father.  You ought to listen carefully when he takes the time to give you instruction.  And make your father glad by following his wisdom and truth.