Honey of the Word, 1 Sam 14:24-29

1 Sam 14:24-29 The Honey of the Word CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When Jonathan tasted the honey in 1 Sam 14:24-29, his eyes were enlightened. That’s what happens when we read the Bible; honey is type of the word of God.

Notice that, like honey:

The words of God are sweet – Rev 10:9-10, Ezek 3:3, Ps 19:10 – honey is very nutritional [Is 7:14-15] and so is the word of God [Matt 4:4].  The more you read the Bible, the more desire you have to read the Bible.  Your appetite for the words of God increases.  Conversely, as artificial sweeteners taste sweet but lack nutritional value, so modern translations may be sweet, but they do not nourish your soul.

The words of God provide light – Ps 119:130; Ps 119:105 – the Lord will open your eyes to understand the words of God [Ps 119:18, Ps 119:103].  As Jonathan’s eyes were enlightened, so your eyes will be enlightened by the word of God.  You will see the things that God wants you to see as God wants you to see them.  Your eyes will be opened to the things of God.

The words of God are not appealing to a full soul – as the full soul loatheth honey [Prov 27:7], so the full soul loathes the word of God.  You must stay hungry by not filling your soul with a bunch of junk food from the world.  It’s no wonder that you have so little appetite for the words of God when your soul is filled with worldly pleasures.

Conclusion: the soldiers told Jonathan not to eat the honey because of an oath from his father.  Jonathan didn’t hear the oath and paid no attention to such a foolish command.  When others try to convince you not to read the words of God, don’t listen to them.  Listen to God and nourish your soul and enlighten your eyes.