We Hid Our Faces From Him, Is 53:3

We Hid Our Faces From Him Is 53:3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you meet the Lord face to face, like the spectators at his crucifixion, you will hide your face. The Bible says in Is 53:3 that we hid our faces from him.  At some point in your life you will hide your face:

Behind a mask – we hid behind a disguise. Hypocrisy was the hiding place for the Pharisees. Jesus said that their outward appearance was beautiful but that inwardly they were “full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.”  You cannot fool God with your disguise.  He sees right through it.

In a crowd – we hid behind humanism. “Everybody does this” is the human justification for sin. The way of destruction is broad and “many there be which go in thereat.”  As long as everyone else is doing it you feel protected.  God can pick you out of a crowd.  He has all your hairs numbered.

Behind a veil – we hid in denial by pretending that God isn’t real. We used to play a game of “pee-pie” with the kids. We would hold our hands in front of our eyes or their eyes and then we would remove them quickly and say, “Pee-Pie.” The kids would smile and laugh. And then at some point they would hide their eyes with their own hands and say, “You can’t see me.” The truth is that they couldn’t see us BUT we could see them. That’s what men do with God.  They hide behind religion, evolution, science, education, philosophy and God sees right through them all.

By running away – we hid from God because of guilt. Adam and Eve hid from God when they knew that they were naked and they covered themselves with the religious garb of self-righteousness when they clothed themselves with fig leaves. Religion never removes the stain of sin. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can do that.  You cannot outrun God. There’s no place to hide Ps 139:7-12.

In your hands – you will hide your face in shame and grief. When you get caught. Anytime a person finally comes to the realization of his guilt before Almighty God, he, like Job, will say, “I am vile… I abhor myself.” And then he will confess in his shame that “Jesus is Lord.”

Conclusion: You can hide your face like all these above, but you cannot hide from God.  You will face him one day at your judgment and without the blood of Jesus Christ to cover you, you will wind up in hell.  You can face him today and humble yourself to receive him as your Savior and then you won’t ever have to hide again!!