A Heart Far From God


When your heart gets far from God, it will affect:

Your Love – v.2 – “they found fault” – Jesus had come to heal them and to save them and all they could do is criticize him – men whose hearts stray from God quit loving him and start complaining.

Your Obedience – v.8 – “laying aside the commandment of God” – your Bible reading is a gauge of your heart – when you lay aside your Bible, your heart has already begun to move away from the Lord – a man who lays aside the Bible to do something that God forbids or to quit doing something that God requires has a heart far from God.

Your Worship – v.6-7a – “in vain do they worship me” – when you have a heart far from God, your worship will only be with your lips, it won’t be with your heart – many sing hymns with their lips, not with their hearts.

Your Doctrine – v.7b – “teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” – 2 Tim 4:3 – when your heart is far from God, there are many doctrines that men teach to convince you to deny the Lord and the truth of his Holy words.  College classrooms are filled with such doctrine.  So are modern churches.

Your Faith – v.9 – “ye reject the commandment of God” – this is unbelief – how many young men and women today who grew up being taught the truth of God’s words now reject those words and profess to be agnostics.

Conclusion: v.13 – when your heart is far from God, the word of God has no effect on you – sadly there are some here today whose hearts are so far from God that this sermon has bounced off your head without reaching your mind or your heart.  Don’t let this be the case with you.