Hear Counsel

Hear Counsel



The Bible tells us to “Hear counsel”. We constantly urge you to seek counsel in most everything you do. How then do you know if the counsel you hear is from the Lord? Being able to qualify the counsel and know that it is Godly and true is of extreme importance. One big problem with each of us is that we tend to accept counsel based on if it is what we want to hear or not. [1Kings22:8] Ahab hates Micaiah’s counsel because it is never what he wants to hear, yet it is Godly counsel, [verse 14]. Here are some thoughts to consider with each dose of counseling that you get.

[1 Kings 13:1-24] this is the account of the un-named Man of God who came to deliver a message to King Jeroboam and had specific instructions from God. He met up with an old prophet in Bethel. He made some fatal mistakes due to accepting bad counsel.


Things to Consider:


  1. Being old doesn’t guarantee being wise.
    1. Verse 11, He was an old prophet
    2. [Job.32:9] Wisdom and age beware
    3. [Prov.16:31] Find you several Hoary headed Godly counselors
    4. [1Kings 12:6-11] King Rehoboam forsook the counsel of the old men for the young men
    5. Never, no never rely on the counsel of your peers! Seek out and hear counsel from men of wisdom and experience


  1. Consider the testimony of the counselor
    1. Verse 11, He dwelt in Bethel
    2. Bethel’s current condition, Bad [1Kings12:28-31]
    3. Bethel’s original condition, Good [Gen.28:19]
    4. Bethel had a Godly Name and a wicked testimony!
    5. Make sure that your counselor walks the walk along with talking the talk


  1. Beware of unsolicited counsel
    1. Verse 12-16, this bad counsel came and found the un-named Man of God
    2. Counsel that seeks you out many times is counsel to beware of
    3. [Prov.19:21] there are many devices in a man’s heart, you may never know the motive behind the counsel.
    4. [Prov.19:27] TV, movies, self-help books, etc. provide counsel that you may not have been seeking


  1. Counsel must match up with God’s Words
    1. Verse 18, False doctrine, beware of the angel stuff [Gal.1:8, Col.2:18,2Cor.11:18]
    2. Godly counsel NEVER conflicts with God’s word [Prov.21:30]
    3. [Acts 17:11] searched the scriptures daily


  1. Always require more than one counselor
    1. Every word is established… [Matt.18:16, Deu.19:15, 2Cor.13:1]
    2. [Prov.15:22] a multitude of counselors, God will use this process to not only confirm the truth but will, with your multitude establish the truth you need.