Guides Ps 48 :14


God will guide you, if you will follow him.  He guides the meek [Ps 25:9], those who are submissively obedient.  He can’t guide you if you won’t follow.  The following will guide you:

God will guide you – Ps 48:14 – God himself guides his children.  You must walk close to him to be guided by him.  In Colorado, our guide walked so fast in following elk that some of us couldn’t keep up.  If you aren’t close enough to the guide he can’t lead you to the game.  Ps 32:8 says, “I will guide thee with mine eye.”  We live by faith rather than sight because God is looking and we are simply following him.  The lead pilot in a formation watches where the squadron is flying and the others watch him.  God guided Israel through the wilderness to their holy habitation [Ex 15:13].  He went before them.  God also guides you with his counsel [Ps 73:24].

The Holy Spirit will guide you – Jn 16:13 – “The Spirit of truth… will guide you into all truth.”  When you open the Bible, if you will depend upon the Holy Spirit to guide you, he will show you exactly what he wants you to see in the words of God.  He will show you things about God that you cannot discern without him.  He will establish you in the truth.  He will show you yourself so that you will have God’s perspective on your life rather than your own.  He will speak to you in the words of God to direct your path.  

Some men will guide you – Acts 8:31 – “… some man should guide me.”  The Lord gives you men to preach and teach the words of God so that you can understand them.  They don’t replace or substitute for your own reading and study.  After all, the eunuch was reading the words of God when Philip approached him.  He was trying to figure out what the passage was saying.  And Philip helped to understand.  But be careful of blind guides [Matt 23:16, 24].

Parents will guide you – Prov 23:19; 1 Tim 5:14 – there is such a resistance in your youth to pay attention to your parents’ commands and instructions.  But they are excellent guides, generally.  They love you more than any other person and they have your best interest at heart.  Just remember, parents, that you may have to work very hard to get your children to follow you.  A good horseman knows that he has to “break” his horse to bring out his best qualities.  The sons of the Rechabites, in Jer 35:1-11, were wise to follow the instructions of their father, Jonadab.  As parents we must be aware that our children can follow what they hear and what they see.  So, be sure that you are leading them correctly. 

Discretion and integrity will guide you – Ps 112:5; Prov 11:3 – as you follow the Lord God, the Holy Spirit, the men God has given you, and your parents, you will develop discretion.  Discretion [defined as the quality of having good judgment] will guide you to make wise decisions.  And when you couple discretion with integrity [defined as adherence to a code of especially moral values], you will make wise decisions and right decisions.  You will have two very important guides to lead you as you begin to lead others.

Conclusion: You cannot succeed in your eternal life without the guides that God has put in place to direct your path.  So, stay close to your guides and follow them.