Growing as a Christian 1 Peter 2:1-3

Growing As A Christian 1 Peter 2: 1-3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When we were kids we knew we were growing because we could see ourselves in the mirror, our clothes wouldn’t fit, our relatives would say, “My you have grown,” and so forth.  But how do you know when you are growing as a Christian?  Am I growing just because I have been saved longer?  Here’s how you know you are growing in the Lord.  You know you are growing as a Christian when you are:

Growing in the word of God – 1 Pet 2:2 –Adrian Rogers said, “The word of God is to your spirit what blood is to your body.”  As you grow and read more Bible, your desire for the word of God increases and your knowledge and skill in the word of God increase, as well.  You cannot grow apart from the Bible.

Growing in the body of Christ – Eph 4:11-16 – You grow by attending to preaching and teaching and by learning doctrine.  As you grow in the body of Christ you will go from taking from the body to supplying to the body.  You cannot do this apart from active involvement in a local church.  Faithfulness leads to responsibility.  You can grow apart from a church but your growth will be unruly like an unpruned tree.  And as you grow you will be building upon the foundation of God’s holy temple [Eph 2:21] by helping others become Christians so that they can get what you have.

Growing in grace – 2 Pet 3:18 – You live with more reliance upon the grace of God, Ps 71:16.  As Adrian Rogers said, “Grace is the desire and the ability to do the will of God.” God is not nearly as interested in what you can do for him in your own strength as he is in what he can do through you in his strength.  You grow in this reliance.  And then, as you mature, the grace that God has had with you, you have with others.

Growing in knowledge of the Lord – 2 Pet 3:18 – the way to grow is not to get to know more about yourself.  And the way to grow is not as much by getting to know more about God as it is getting to know God more.  Adrian Rogers said, “If there was ever a time you loved Jesus more than you do at this moment, you’re backslidden.”

Growing in faith – 2 Thes 1:3 – we are calculators.  We plan God right out of control of our lives.  Adrian Rogers said, “It’s my business to take care of God’s business, and it’s his business to take care of my business.”  Imagine driving a car with God.  Most of us drive with God in the passenger’s seat.  As we grow in faith, we need to let God drive and we need to ride in the passenger seat.  Then we need to grow and move into the back seat.  And then we need to grow more in faith and just get in the trunk!!  God can drive just fine without us doing anything more than trusting him.

Growing in charity – 2 Thes 1:3 – we need more love for God.  And then as we grow in our love for him, the love of God can be shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost [Rom 5:5].

Conclusion: are you growing?  If not, could be that you aren’t even a Christian yet.  You can’t grow as an athlete until you sign up for the team.  Perhaps you are saved.  Then it could be that you are starving and under nourished.  Or that you are not under the preaching and teaching of the word of God enough.  You’re not connected enough to the body by being actively involved in a local church.  Or you are still relying on your own strength.  Or it could be that something is stunting your growth, like a lack of faith or sin.  You still cannot trust God.  You know about God but you don’t know God.  God’s love has been directed to you but you have not directed your love to him and to others.