Great Wisdom

Great Wisdom


In this passage, Solomon tells a story of a little city. He says that there is an example of Great Wisdom in this story. Even though the little city is besieged by a great king, one poor wise man delivers the city. I believe there is a great example of how we should seek for wisdom when we need deliverance.


Verse 14               A Type of the Christian life

  • Little city – Ever felt completely overwhelmed? You’re that little city.
  • Few men – You are in the minority as a Christian
  • Great king – Type of the Prince of this world, the devil
  • Besieged it – Surrounded with way to escape
  • Bulwarks against it -the enemy has built defenses against you, no way to fight back


Verse 15

  • A poor wise man
    • His only asset was wisdom, no power or wealth
    • His age is not mentioned; you can have the needed wisdom as a youth
    • You can make a difference in your little city
  • He by his wisdom – he got no other armies to come to his aid
  • Delivered the city – we have no record of HOW it got delivered!
  • Yet not remembered – He got no fame, God handled the plagues in Egypt in a way that God got the glory and not Moses.


Verse 16

  • Wisdom better than strength – the passage is the proof
  • Nevertheless, wisdom is despised- [Prov.1:7] [Prov.23:9]
  • Words of wisdom not heard – [1 Kings 10:8, 24] [Matt. 12:42]


Verse 17

  • You won’t hear wisdom from “the cry of him that ruleth among fools” [Prov.14:33]
  • You will hear “the words of wise men in quiet”, You and God, get alone and ask him, James 1:5


Verse 18

  • “Wisdom is better than weapons”, [2 Cor.10:4-6] but mighty through God
  • “but one sinner destroyeth much good” [ Josh.7] Like with Achan, it affects others