Gossips, Busybodies, and Talebearers

Gossips, Busybodies, and Talebearers


Webster’s 1828 definitions:


– [Not found in your Bible] One who runs from house to house, tattling and telling news; an idle tattler.”


– “One who officiously concerns himself with the affairs of others; a meddling person.”


– “A person who officiously (meddling) tells tales; one who impertinently (irrelevant) communicates intelligence or anecdotes, and makes mischief in society by his officiousness.”

Have you ever found out that someone else was talking about you, and not in a good way? How did you feel? Solomon says in this passage not to get too excited because you have probably done the same to someone else! [Rom.2:3] Have you ever been found out after saying something about someone else? [Ecc.10:20] Them finding out is not the biggest problem [Matt.12:36], God keeps records.

[Lev.19:16] God has been against this for a long time.

[Prov.11:13] It reveals your unfaithfulness. [Prov.20:6] You are really trying to prove your goodness to others. [Prov.20:19] flattery

[Prov.18:8] Very hurtful

[Prov.26:20] Mean and causes strife

So what is the difference between sharing information and Gossip? [1 Tim.5:13] “speaking things which thou ought not”.

Would you say the same words in the presence of the one you are talking about, whether they are true or not?

[Prov.29:20] Don’t be hasty, think before you speak, if in doubt, don’t.

Back in our original passage [Ecc.7:21:22] We are to “take no heed unto all words that are spoken”. You are not suppose to listen to the gossip either! Hard to do, but by listening you are part of the problem!