Good to whom it is due

Good to whom it is due



“Withhold not good from them to whom it is due…”, the Lord expects it of us. Solomon make is very clear in the book of Proverbs. Paul makes it clear in [Gal.6:10], “unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith”.


[Luke 10:30-37], The good Samaritan is a great example, and the Lord Jesus says in verse 37, “Go, and do thou likewise”. In this world, today most folks would grab their phone and capture a You-tube moment rather than going to the person’s aid.

[Ex.23:4-5] God instructed the children of Israel to do good to their enemies. Would you?


[Rom.13:1-8] Explains to us many things that we should do for those whom good is due.

Tribute to whom tribute is due – [Matt.22:15-22] a price paid for submission, peace or       protection

 Custom to whom custom – [Matt.17:24-27] a tax, toll, or fee

Fear to whom fear – God is most certainly due our fear, [Ecc.12:13] Solomon states that it is the   conclusion of the whole matter. We also should give God our praise, [Ps.150:1], our tithe, [Lev.27:30] it is the Lord’s, and ourselves, [Rom.12:1-2]

Honour to whom honour – [Mal.1:6] He is our father is due our honour. [1 Pet.2:17] we should honour all men, especially God, He is worthy, [Ps.29:1-2].

[1 Cor.7:3] Talks of due benevolence (love accompanied with the desire to promote their happiness) for wives and husbands.

[1Thes.4:6] Don’t defraud by withholding good from one who is due, for God is the avenger of all such.