Good Tidings of Great Joy


Good Tidings of Great Joy

Luke 2:10

                “Joy to the world!  the Lord is come…” is a familiar hymn that is sung around Christmas time. The Bible speaks of good tidings of great joy. Is Christmas time a great joy to you? The world has sure turned it into a commercial event and giving is based on commerce and greed. How can we as Christians have that “great joy” at Christmas and every other day of the year? Let’s look a few basic steps to Joy.


Step 1              Jesus                 Luke 2:1-20

  • Verse 11 – We have a Saviour, [Matt. 1:21]
  • Verse 19 – She kept and pondered them in her heart, do you?
  • Is Jesus something that you rejoice in daily? [1Thes.5:16] [Phil. 4:4]



Step 2              Others               1 John 1:1-4

  • Illustration of soldiers during WW1 on Christmas day laying down arms and joining in hymns together.
  • Christmas time opens doors to tell others, some have never heard!
  • There is joy in giving to others, [Acts 20:35] it blesses you and them
  • What is your motive in giving? Most of our giving is because it is expected.
  • Have you ever given anomalously, or sacrificially?
  • If you don’t receive great joy with step 2, revisit step 1



Step 3              Yourself             John 16:20-24

  • A joy that no man can take away from you!
  • Beware that you don’t give your joy away
  • Symbolism over substance
  • Expectations
  • Helping others always makes your problems seem less [Prov.16:3]
  • If you don’t receive great joy with step 3, back up to steps 1&2