The Good Shepherd, Jn 10:1-15

The Good Shepherd Jn 10:1-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The good shepherd is Jesus Christ. And just like a good shepherd, he calls us by name, he leads us out, he gives us abundant life, and he laid down his life for us.  He is the exact opposite of the thief, whom we studied in the prior broadcast.  As a good shepherd:

He calls us by name. Jn 10:3. He calls us personally to get saved [Jn 10:9]. Therefore, hear his voice [Jn 10:3] and open the door [Jn 10:3; Rev 3:20]. Also, he calls and knows us by name [Jn 10:3; 2 Tim 2:19]. And he calls us by name to our vocation [Eph 4:1; Ex 31:1-2].

He leads us out. Jn 10:3. He leads us in all things [job, marriage, finances, etc]. And he leads us out because we are his hands and his feet to do his work [1 Cor 12:13-27]. Therefore, follow him [Jn 10:4, 21:22] an don’t follow strangers [Jn 10:5].

He gives us life. Jn 10:10. He doesn’t give us the temporary life of sin until death, but the true eternal life of Jesus Christ that lasts forever.

He gives us abundant life. Jn 10:10. We have the life of Christ now in our temporary bodies where we can enjoy eternal love, joy, peace and so forth. See Jn 3:16, 5:24. We are the possessors of this life the moment we get saved.

He laid down his life for us. Jn 10:11, 15. And he laid it down so that we could receive him and be saved [Jn 1:12].

Conclusion: Therefore, receive him today and begin to enjoy the abundant life of Christ which only grows more satisfying with each passing day!!