Good Moderate Habits, Phil 4:5

Good Moderate Habits Phil 4:5  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Good moderate habits are essential to building good Christian character and developing a strong Christian life.  Likewise, good convictions are essential.  We preached a sermon titled “Your Convictions” on Sept 26, 2018, which you may read and to which you may listen at the following link: Your Convictions.  Here are some good moderate habits you should develop.  The good habit of:

Moderate work – Prov 12:24 you should be diligent [Prov 27:23 know the state of thy flocks]. Prov 24:27 prepare your work without, make it fit in the field and then afterwards build your house.  That is, don’t overload yourself in your work trying to get too much done all at once.  Manage your stress.  Prov 31:10-31 the virtuous woman’s work habits are vast and they demonstrate that she is not wasting time with social media, television, useless internet searches, frivolities and the like.  You have time to get everything done when you don’t waste time.

Moderate rest – Mk 6:31 Jesus told his disciples to come apart and rest awhile. Matt 11:28-30 we rest in the Lord’s yoke. Eph 6:5-7 Work as unto the Lord and not unto men.  By this means, you work smarter not harder and you have the Lord’s grace to sustain and strengthen you [1 Cor 15:10].

Moderate budget – Prov 21:17, he that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man. Prov 21:20 you find much treasure in dwelling of wise.  The foolish spendeth it up.  Prov 11:24-25 when you live within your means you can scatter and yet increase by giving to the Lord.  Prov 13:7 you’re not going to make yourself rich by trying to get rich.  Ecc 5:10 he that loveth silver is not satisfied with silver.

These three habits balance each other and help you to work hard enough to support yourself and others, while maintaining sufficient rest so that you can keep going at this pace for many years to come, Lord willing.

Moderate nutrition – Prov 23:2 if you’re given to appetite, Solomon says that you need to put a knife to your throat.  That’s a pretty serious diet plan!!  Prov 25:16 when you find honey eat so much as is sufficient.  In other words, too much of a good thing is not good.  Joe West never goes back for seconds.

Moderate exercise – 1 Tim 4:8 bodily exercise profits a little. 1 Cor 9:27 bring under your body, and keep it in subjection.  Your body needs the benefit of moderate exercise.  No need to overdo it.

Moderate sleep – Prov 24:30-34 too much sleep makes you slothful.  Ps 127:2 not enough sleep is vain. Rising early is good if you don’t stay up late.  The Lord gives his beloved sleep.  Ecc 5:12 the sleep of a laboring man is sweet.

These three habits also balance each other.  The right combination of nutrition, exercise and sleep will keep you going for as many years as the Lord will give you.  The man that trained me in the ministry lived over 90 years.

Moderate study – 2 Tim 2:15 we are commanded to study.  But be moderate.  Ecc 12:12 much study is a weariness of the flesh.  Some guys spend all their spare time studying so they can get on the internet and argue and debate with people just like them who hold opposing views.  That’ll wear you out.

Conclusion: these are very practical moderate habits that will help you throughout your entire life.