Good Dads, Gen 18:19

Good Dads Gen. 18:19  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the prior broadcast we talked about good moms.  Today we’ll discuss the characteristics of good dads.  The objective of being a good dad is to rear godly children.  There’s no guarantee that if you are a good dad all your children are going to turn out perfect.  They have the freedom to choose.  Nevertheless, they certainly have a better opportunity to do well if you do well.

Good dads command – Gen 18:19 – God said that Abraham would command his children.  How else are the children supposed to obey if you don’t command?  Children are to obey [Eph 6:1-3; Jer 35:6-10].  Don’t be afraid to do your duty.  And when your children don’t obey, good dads enforce their commands with:

  • Nurture – Eph 6:4 – this is non-verbal communication used mostly in early childhood. Children respond to corporal punishment and affection.
  • Admonition – Eph 6:4 – this is verbal communication involving reproof, rebuke, and correction. This is used more in adolescence, when your children are capable of reasoning and judging.

Good dads instruct – Prov 4:1-4 – this encompasses training and teaching because it is usually done by way of demonstration.  You should instruct your children in all matters of life.  Instruct them in studying, budgeting, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etiquette, faithfulness, integrity, honor, and so forth.

Good dads provide – Eph 4:28, 2 Thes 3:10-15 – they work so that they can provide for their families and care for others.  Study when you are young and don’t hang around fools.  Work at the level of your aptitude.  God blesses the faithful efforts of those who work diligently no matter what they do.  If you work, live within your means, and give to the Lord his due, the Lord will make sure that your family has what they need.

Good dads leave an inheritance – Prov 13:22 – and their inheritance can even be passed down to their children’s children.  A good inheritance isn’t always money.  He can leave them a testimony of eternal life in Jesus Christ, a well-worn Bible, a godly mother, a strong love, and a good name.  So many of the kings in the Old Testament started well and ended poorly.  Good dads don’t do that.  They end well.

Good dads walk with God –Gen 5:22, 6:9 – they are obedient to the Lord.  Their walk includes prayer [Jas 5:16] and service [Matt 20:26-28].  They stay away from sin and things that are inappropriate for men of God.  They know God and God knows them.  As a result, their families are blessed after them.

Conclusion: be a good dad.  Your children will appreciate you and the Lord will bless you.  Lead by example so that others may have a good dad to follow.