God’s Providence

God’s Providence


God’s providence is the care and superintendence which he exercises over his creatures. [Matt.28:20] “I am with you always”, God is directing your steps. We need to be more aware of the fact that God is caring for us 24/7, [1Pet.5:7] and the providence of God is part of our everyday life. When you see the miraculous rescue story on the news, God will seldom get the credit deserved. We also live our everyday lives completely unaware of just how much God had his hand in it.

Examples in the Bible of God directing man’s steps

[Gen.37] Joseph’s brothers allowed their heart to devise their way, but God directed the steps. As you know, [Gen.50:20] “ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good” See, God can step in and direct people and circumstances to protect or bless you

[Ex.2:5] Pharaoh’s daughter was at the right place at the right time. Do you think God had directed any of her steps? God’s timing is proof of His providence.

[2 Kings 5:2] Do you think that it was by chance that a “little maid” was in Syria in the house of Naaman? The providence of God directed many things so that Naaman could find the healing power of God. God’s purpose is served by His providence.

You have either heard accounts or have testimonies of God delaying your plans while saving you from some wreck or traffic problem. Once again, God may or may not get the credit deserved in theses instances. God’s providence is ALWAYS present. Do you have any awareness of this fact?

The Port Ministry of this church is a wonderful place to see the providence of God. It has taken many years with God dealing with me to finally begin to open my eyes to his providence, and just how much he directs my steps. [2Kings 6:8-17] When the Lord opened the young man’s eyes, he saw the providence of God!

As Christians we expect God to show up for all the big stuff in our lives, we pray for his help and direction in all of the important things of life. But we have a Father that cares for everything in our lives, yes, even the tiny things. I believe it gives God great pleasure to provide you with a good parking space at the mall. I also believe that when we begin to acknowledge his providence, our fellowship with him will be so much better.