God’s Direction

God’s Direction


It is not in a man that walketh to direct his steps.  We need God’s direction. Without His direction we will head off in the wrong direction and get lost or way off the correct path. Have you ever been lost?

Tools to prevent getting lost:

  1. A map and compass
  2. A GPS
    • Receives radio waves from satellites
    • The system has 27 satellites, but only 24 are needed
    • They circle the globe at 12,000 miles high and make 2 complete rotations every day
    • Orbits are arranged so that at any time and anywhere on earth 4 are visible
    • The GPS’s job is to find 4, but only needs 3
    • Example:
      1. You are 625 miles from Boise Idaho
      2. You are 690 miles from Minneapolis Minnesota
      3. You are 615 miles from Tucson Arizona
      4. You can only be in Denver Colorado
  1. God’s Perfect System (GPS)
  • Everywhere all the time – God
  • Still need three to be correct – the Trinity
  • Shows you how to get home- Heaven
  • Shows you exactly where you are, with directions for the right path- Bible
  • Its signal can be blocked – Sin, the world…


What happens when you get lost or head off in the wrong direction?

  • You may not know for awhile
  • Things don’t look familiar or proper (conscience)
  • You become confused, [Col.1:23]not grounded and settled
  • You can be enticed, [Prov.1:10]
  • You become scared, [2Tim.1:7]
  • You make wrong choices, [Prov.3:5-6]
  • You become ashamed, [Ps.34:4-6]
  • You may not stay put so help can find you, [Ps.46:10] “Be still and know that I am God”
  • Wait on God when…
  • You don’t know what to do
  • Things aren’t going well
  • You’re in a crisis
  • You are spiritually burdened
  • You want to GO, (feelings will make wrong decisions)
  • Physically restless ( cabin fever)
  • You haven’t finished what you have started (do what you are supposed to be doing today)
  • You start making excuses, blaming everyone except yourself or the circumstances
  • You become late or just give up and don’t go, discouraged, [1Sam.30:6] David
  • You finally look for help, [Prov.11:14]


You must trust completely in your GPS, with Knowledge, [2Tim.2:15] If you don’t know the Lord or his words, you will make very dumb choices and mistakes.


*Next week we will look at how God reveals His will to us.