God Was With Him, Gen 26:28

God Was With Him Gen 26:28 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

An outstanding testimony of some of the men in the Bible is this one statement, God was with him.  Today, we are going to see what each of the following men was able to accomplish because God was with him.  We hope that hearing their testimonies will be a great source of encouragement to you today.

Isaac – Gen 26:28 – the testimony of provision and protection in the midst of his enemies – the world is the enemy of God and the world hates true Christians – but you do not need to compromise with the world in order to have provision and protection when God is with you.

Joseph – Gen 39:3; Acts 7:9 – the testimony of acceptance and favor in the midst of family rejection – Joseph found favor with his master and warden in Egypt at a time when he had been rejected by his family – if your family rejects you because of your love for and service to the Lord, don’t quit on God; God is with you; you have acceptance and favor with him and his family.

Phinehas – 1 Chr 9:20; Num 25 – the testimony of standing for God in the midst of wicked friends – Phinehas killed two high profile people who were defying God in their sin – didn’t fear reprisal because God was with him – you do not need to fear when you take a stand against your friends in their sin when God is with you.

Joshua – Jos 6:27 – the testimony of a mighty victory for the Lord in the face of a superior enemy – Joshua and Israel defeated a stronger foe in a walled city by a miracle from the Lord – you can win victories in your battles against your superior enemies [world, flesh and devil] when God is with you.

Samuel – 1 Sam 3:19 – the testimony of preaching the negative truth of God’s words to a sinner living in disobedience to God’s words – Samuel told Eli of God’s destruction of his house even though he was afraid to tell him – you do not need to fear testifying to sinners of the Lord’s judgment against them when the Lord is with you.

David – 1 Sam 18:14; 2 Sam 5:10 – the testimony of the rise of a young man to great service for the Lord in the midst of opposition from the government – Saul did everything he could to keep David from ascending to the throne; David became the king in spite of Saul – you do not need to fear a government opposed to God’s will when God is with you [Acts 4, 5] – remember, though, you must still honor the king [1 Pet 2:17].

Asa – 2 Chr 15:9 – the testimony of a king who turned his nation back to the Lord in the wake of national apostasy – Asa turned his country back from sodomy and idolatry – a president and legislators in this country do not need to fear returning this country to its Biblical roots when God is with them – pray to that end [1 Tim 2:1-3].

Jehoshaphat – 2 Chr 17:3 – the testimony of a strong national defense in the midst of a country afraid to trust God – Jehoshaphat saw God defend Israel against three armies and Israel did not even need to fight – our country can trust God to defend us when God is with us – that’s why it is so devastating to see this country turn its back on God [see Hezekiah also 2 Ki 18:7].

John the Baptist – Lk 1:66 – the testimony of a strong preacher raised up by God to prepare a rebellious nation for the Lord – John the Baptist came to a wicked and adulterous nation to prepare the way for the Lord – what started with him continues today in world wide preaching of the gospel – if you are called by God to preach you do not need to be afraid to answer the call when God is with you – he may be preparing you to do great things for him.

Jesus – Acts 10:38 – the testimony of the Son of God who did good by the power of the Holy Ghost in the midst of a nation who rejected him – Jesus accomplished the ministry that God gave him in spite of the fact that the people to whom he ministered betrayed him, deserted him and rejected him – the ministry is not a popularity contest – yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution – you can endure any hardship for Christ to finish your course when God is with you.

Conclusion: For God to be with you, you must be saved – and then you must find the Lord’s will and live in that – as the Lord directs you and you know that he is with you, you can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth you.