The God of the Whole Earth, 1 Chr 16:28-33

The God of the Whole Earth 1 Chron.16:28-33 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The wonderful thing about the God of the Bible is that he is the God of the whole earth.  You may not realize that now, but you surely will when Jesus returns to rule the earth and to reign as the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  He is coming [1 Chr 16:33].  He will be physically present here [1 Chr 16:33].  He will sit as the judge of the whole earth [1 Chr 16:33].  He will reign on the earth for a thousand years [1 Chr 16:31; Rev 20:4, 6].  And then folks will see how things down here are supposed to be.  When the God of the whole earth reigns:

All the kindreds of the earth [the nations, 1 Chr 16:31] will:

  • Glorify him – 1 Chr 16:28 – Ps 72:17-19 all nations shall call him blessed, Zech 8:21-23. There will be no more false gods and no more differences of religion.
  • Offer to him – 1 Chr 16:29 – Is 66:20 the first offering will be when the children of Israel are returned to Jerusalem by all the nations where they were scattered.
  • Worship him – 1 Chr 6:29 – Zech 14:16-17 there will be world-wide worship of the Lord.
  • Fear him – 1 Chr 16:30 – Ps 102:15-16 they will all fear him when he returns.

The earth will be stable – 1 Chr 16:30 – at the end of the tribulation the earth will reel to and fro Is 24:18-20.  When the God of the whole earth sets up his throne here, everything will be stable.

The heavens will be glad – 1 Chr 16:31 – Rev 12:12 the heavens will be glad because for the first time the devil is gone from them for good.

The earth will rejoice – 1 Chr 16:31 – Ps 98:1-6 because all of the fighting will cease and all of the plagues will be finished forever.

The sea will roar – 1 Chr 16:32 – Ps 98:7-9

The fields will rejoice – 1 Chr 16:32 – Ps 72:16 there will be bountiful harvests following plentiful rains Amos 9:13-15; Joel 2:23-27.

The trees will sing – 1 Chr 16:33 – Is 55:12-13 imagine the choir of the heavens, the earth, the sea, the fields and the trees.  You haven’t heard anything so beautiful in all of your life.

Conclusion: All of this is coming soon.  Praise the Lord.  I realize that the earth must first go through tribulation.  But the end is sure and glorious!!  Don’t let bad news get you down!!