God Has a Plan for Every Life (Part 2)


God Has a Plan For Every Life (Part2)


Before we can begin to understand what the will of the Lord is in our lives, God has some conditions that we must meet. When those conditions are met in sincere obedience, God will then use certain methods to reveal his will for our life. This lesson will cover those conditions and methods.

The Conditions of God

[Ps.37:3] Trust in the Lord – You trust the Lord for your eternity, why not for this short life?

If you are not saved, God’s plan for you is, believe and get saved. If you are      saved, [Proverbs 3:5-6] start with trusting in the Lord.

[Ps.37:4] Delight thyself in the Lord, You must be eager and willing to know his plan for your  life. Do you love the Lord enough to be delighted with whatever his plan for you


[Ps.37:5] Commit thy way unto the Lord, This is more than just head knowledge of what

God expects from you. This is a commitment. Knowing how to loose weight and committing to do it are very different. Also [Prov.16:3] Your works establish your thoughts.

[Ps.37:7] Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him, God will guide you through his plan for your life, but will not reveal everything on the same day you request it.

[Romans 12:1-2] Surrender to the will of God, not your will.

[Romans 12:2] Separate from the world, you can’t serve two masters [Matt.6:24] [Romans 12:2] Spiritual mindedness, keep your mind in tune with the Lord, His book, and His Spirit, [1Cor.2:16]

The Methods of God

The Testimony of the Scripture 

God will often guide you through verses that speak loudly to you. You must be saturated in the words of God so that He can bring His message to you. Be careful not to open the book and pick random verses, God does everything decently and in order [1 Cor.14:40]. God’s will never contradicts the Bible. Know the Book.

The Testimony of the Holy Spirit 

Look for that inner conviction given by the Spirit of God [Rom.8:16]. Be very careful to make sure it is not your own desires overriding [grieving, Eph.4:30]the Spirit of God. [Acts 13:2] The Holy Ghost provided guidance, [John16:13] he will guide you in truth.

The Testimony of the Brethren 

[Prov.24:6] wise counsel, parents, pastor, from Godly sources, not your unsaved friends. Godly counsel is far more objective than only seeing something from your point of view.

The Testimony of the Circumstance 

Circumstances can be used as guidepost in the direction that God may be leading. Traffic lights come in three colors, so that we will know to go, stop or proceed with caution. Be careful throwing out a fleece [Judges 6:37-39] that you don’t arrange circumstances for your choice.