God Doesn’t Despise Small Things

God Does’nt Despise Small Things Zech 4: 10  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

God won’t despise the small things you can do for him:

When they are not withheld – Jn 6:9 – the lad could have easily withheld the five loaves and two fish because they were so small compared with the great need of the 5,000 men that had to be fed – however, rather than pale in comparison to the need, he simply gave what little he had to the Lord and the Lord blessed it and made it sufficient.

When they’re all you can do – Mk 14:3-9 – Mary’s spikenard seemed like a waste to Judas Iscariot and the rest of the disciples, but it was something that Mary could do – she made provision for his burial, unlike any other person who had heard Jesus speak of his death – she did what she could and everywhere the gospel is preached, this that she did has been spoken of her.

When they’re done in faith – Mk 12:41-44 – the widow had to have an immense faith to trust the Lord to provide for her after she put all of her living in the treasury – hers was the smallest gift that day, but because of the faith that it took to give it, the Lord regarded it as the biggest.

When they’re done for souls – Acts 8:25-31 – when Philip left the great revival going on in Samaria to join the chariot of a lone Ethiopian traveling south, he left the multitudes of souls that could have been won to reach one lost soul – no evangelist today would consider doing something so small – yet this is exactly what the Spirit of God wanted – and before Philip could slick his hair back and get to know this rich new convert in a “partenering-with-us” kind of way, they were separated as quickly as they had come together.

When they’re done out of love for Jesus – Lk 7:36-48 – what was despised by the Pharisee as unworthy of the Lord Jesus Christ was recognized by the Lord to be a great act of love for him – others may despise what you do out of love for Jesus but he won’t.