God Chose Moses Ex 4:4-10

God Chose Moses Ex 4:4-10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

God chose Moses, but evidently not for his eloquence.  So, if Moses wasn’t chosen for his eloquence, for what was he chosen [Ex 4:10]?  Moses was God’s choice because of:

His humility 3:11 – he fell on his face when he prayed to the Lord, Num 20:3-6; Num 14:5

His boldness (courage) – he didn’t start out with being courageous, but he surely grew into it.  In the beginning, in Ex 5:1-3 he didn’t tell Pharaoh what God had told him to say [Ex 4:22-23].  However, look at the end, Ex 8:25-29; 9:29-30; Ex 10:3, 9; 10:24-26-29.  He was exceedingly bold and courageous.

His intercession – Ps 106:23; Num 21:7; Num 16:46-50; Num 14:11-20; Num 11:2.  He besought the Lord on Israel’s behalf.

His meekness – Num 11:29; Num 12:3 – he was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.

His obedience – Moses did all that the Lord commanded him.  Ex 40:16 says “as the Lord commanded.”  86 times the Bible says that Moses did as the Lord commanded.

His faith – Heb 11:24-29 – he appears in the list of the champions of faith.

His fear of God – Acts 7:32; Heb 12:21, when Moses saw the Lord on Sinai he said, “so terrible was the sight… I exceedingly fear and quake.”

His faithfulness Heb 3:2-5; 2 Tim 3:8 – Moses didn’t stop at the threats of Pharaoh, the opposition of the magicians, the murmuring and complaining of the Jews, the death of all the adults in the wilderness, or his own disobedience (striking the rock twice and being denied the promised land Num 20:9-12).  He stayed with Israel until the Lord took him.  He wouldn’t leave those Jews in the wilderness until he knew that God had appointed a man (Joshua) to take over for him Num 27:15-18; Deut 31:14.  God could count on him all the way.  AND God gave him things to write to the Jews and things to say to the Jews.  Moses wrote and said exactly what God wanted him to write and say [Ex 20:19; Ex 24:3-4; Ex 35:1].

His leadership Num 21:32; Num 31:6-7, 14; Jos 13:21– He was a particularly capable leader in battle.

His judgment – Num 36:5 – Moses commanded the children of Israel according to the words of God.  In Num 16, his judgment against Korah,  Dathan, and Abiram was exact.  In Num 25:5 he slayed those guilty at Baalpeor.  In Ex 32:26-28 he instructed those on the Lord’s side to slay everyone his brother.  In Num 15:35 he judged against the man that gathered sticks on the Sabbath.  In Lev 24:11, 23 he stoned the man that blasphemed God.

His friendship – Ex 33:11; Deut 34:10 Num 12:6-8 God proclaimed his friendship with Moses during Miriam’s challenge.  The exact phrase, “the Lord spake unto Moses,” occurs 105 times in the Bible.