Go and Do Thou Likewise, Lk 10:29-37

Go and Do Thou Likewise Luke 10:29-37 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan to a lawyer in answer to his question clarifying the second commandment, “Who is my neighbour?” He asked the question to justify himself.  Jesus told him the story and then told him to go and do thou likewise.

Even though the Good Samaritan is a reference to Jesus Christ, he sets an example for us in this story, as well. He told the lawyer to go and do thou likewise, so we should go and do likewise, also.

Like The Good Samaritan, We Should:

Recognize Divine Appointments

The Good Samaritan “came where he was.” It was no ‘accident’ that the Samaritan happened along this way. The fellow needed help and the Samaritan was a merciful man who could help him. He had the bandages, the oil, the wine, the beast and the money to restore this man’s health. Likewise, we have the Bible, the Holy Spirit, the blood of Christ, and the money. And like the beast, the Lord can use us to bear another’s burden. When we happen along the path of a lost person, we need to be aware that the Lord may have appointed the meeting for the benefit of the lost soul.

Have Compassion On Them

This fellow “had compassion on him.” We need to have more compassion on the lost. We are too critical. The Samaritan could have easily criticized this guy for the condition he was in. So often we are shocked by the condition in which we find the lost. Rather than have compassion we say things like, “Well, you reap what you sow.”

Adjust Our Plans To Go To Them

“He went to him.” He was on his own journey and yet he stopped and changed his immediate plans to help this guy. We must be flexible enough to help the lost whose needs may sidetrack our plans for a portion of our day.

Take Care of Them

He “bound up his wounds… brought him to an inn, and took care of him.” It is often not enough to just give someone the gospel. Often you need to help them as they get through the trouble they are in when you find them.

Be Willing To Give For Them

“He took out two pence.” Two pence amounts to two days’ wage. That was quite an expenditure to help this fellow out. Jesus gave his life; we can certainly give some of our money and time. With the Good Samaritan the expenditure wasn’t a one shot deal. He said, “whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come again, I will repay thee.”

Leave Them In Good Hands

He “brought him to an inn… and said unto [the host], Take care of him.” The inn represents a good church and the host a good pastor. Hopefully, you are in a good church with a good pastor. You should take folks you lead to the Lord to your church where the church will care of them and help them heal and grow.

Conclusion: this is how you demonstrate love for your neighbor and this is how you show mercy – so go and do thou likewise.