Our Glorious Home


We have so many things around us that keep us earthly minded.  So, tonight we need a reminder about our glorious home in heaven.  When we get there we are going to see:

Our Glorious God – v.11, 23 – All the gods of the world are arrayed in glory by their earthly makers – the best men hope to do with their gods will be as filthy rags when compared with the glory of our God.  When you finally get to see the glory of God and the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ you will fall on your face in absolute amazement and humility.

Our Glorious Temple – v. 22 – All around the world you find church buildings, cathedrals, mosques, and temples in which people honor and worship their gods – all of these buildings decay and must be maintained – they are the work of men – they are less than sand castles compared to the glory of the temple of our God.

Our Glorious City – v.11-21 – Our city is so spectacular that the foundations are made out of the most precious stones that men admire here on earth and the streets are made of the gold that men so desperately covet down here – if the foundation and the streets are so glorious just imagine what the rest of the city looks like!!  The stones and foundations are so pure they are transparent!!

Our Glorious Mansions – Jn 14:1-3 – Our Mansions will be our homes forever and no one will have ever lived there before you – many of us like the homes we own down here – but they need constant maintenance – and they really are expensive when you think about the taxes and insurance that are required – just think, up in heaven you have a mansion that is so much more spectacular than the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Potala Palace in Tibet, Alhambra in Granada, Palace of Versailles, Mysore Palace in India, Pena National Palace in Portugal, Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, and Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna all put together!

Our Glorious Bodies – Phil 3:20-21 – You and I are going to have bodies that will never get sick, never ache, never sin, never suffer and never die – we will have bodies just like our Savior – when you think of all of the stresses and strains on our bodies down here, why would anyone in his right mind want to spend one more second down here than he absolutely has to?  How much greater it is to get out of this stinking flesh and go to spend eternity with Jesus!!  And just think, we will be there forever with all of our saved loved ones who have passed on before.

Conclusion: This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through.  My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue!!  Set your affection on things above and not on the earth.