Give Attendance To

Give Attendance To

1 Tim.4:13


Paul tells Timothy to “give attendance to” three things. When you give attendance to something it means that careful application of mind, regard, or attention is required. Have you ever entered a contest where you must “be present to win”? Your attendance is required, you must be there. We live in a world today where you can work from home, or take a virtual tour of just about anything. If something requires your attendance, you can be assured that it is something you cannot fake your way through. Paul list three things that were very important for Timothy to give attendance to, and they are just as important for us today.



  • 24:7 We will do and be obedient, must be read if you wish to be obedient
  • 8:3 People were attentive, verse 8 caused them to understand, distinctly – plainly
  • 34:16 Seek ye out the book and read, requires your attendance
  • 4:16, among you & 1 Thes.5:27 unto all


Exhortation        incite, encourage, advice, counsel, warn

  • 2 Cor.8:17 he accepted exhortation, verse 6 – Titus
  • 12:4-6 ye have forgotten, from Prov.3:11-12 – told, and told again
  • 13:22 suffer the word of exhortation, allow, permit, not hinder
  • 1 Tim.2:1 I exhort therefore



  • Acts 2:42 Apostles doctrine – your bible
  • 16:17 Contrary to the doctrine, divisions and offences, opposite direction
  • 4:14 Every wind of doctrine, lie in wait to deceive
  • 1 Tiim.4:1 Doctrines of devils