Get Rich Quick Prov. 28: 20-22

Get Rich Quick Prov. 28: 20-22 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You must understand something from Proverbs 28:20-22 – the trouble with get rich quick schemes is that they appeal to a flaw in your nature – you have an evil eye [Prov 28:22] that only sees profits and things it covets; it is blind to shortcomings, problems, losses, risks; you’ll have 20/20 sight later – you want to hurry up and get rich and your evil eye shows you a way that you can do it – but you cannot be innocent and do it [Prov 28:20] – nevertheless, you don’t care because the end justifies the means – you see others doing this so it must be OK – in the end you lose – poverty comes upon you as you realize that you’ve been had.

Here are some things to avoid like the plague:

Frivolous Lawsuits (1 Cor 16:6-8) – lawyers promising you big bucks –  one plaintiff’s lawsuit cost him his marriage – the IRS and the attorney got all the money – another potential plaintiff ran the attorney’s off and you should too – you have to twist the truth in court to get “your” money and so you are not innocent.

Gambling – the lottery – Las Vegas where the odds are stacked in favor of the house – evil – Prov 14:23 says that in all labor there is profit – but in gambling someone else has to lose for you to win and the losers far outnumber the winners – eventually you will be the loser even if you win because poverty always follows wealth gotten by vanity – over time that you will lose it all –in the lottery you don’t have a clue how much you have lost in 2 years at $5 and $10 here and there.

Too good to be true investment opportunities – they allure you with little down and huge returns – they’ll keep your money – the trick for the guy selling you is to get your money – he has no incentive for the investment to work out since he gets his money up front.

Work at Home – little skill, easy money – not so – stuffing envelopes for instance – you must do a lot of work in your pajamas to make any money at home.

Selling miracle products – a young fellow was baited into this and found it very difficult to work the business – the man who got him into the “business” ended up divorced – it looked easy and beneficial – he ended up out the money on fees and forced purchases.

Training courses on how to buy cheap and sell high – the man teaching the course has made his money when he leaves town and you are stuck – the deals aren’t there.

Pyramid schemes – these are illegal in most places, thankfully.

Coite d’Ivoire letters for ministries – these are letters on the internet promising you a huge inheritance – when they get your banking information and your installment, they vaporize.

Make Money Fast emails – send 1$ to each of the addressees, add your name to the list and forward to your contacts – you will make bundles – this is illegal.

Trading Scams – many investors have lost lots of money in the market on these deals – the broker makes his fee every time you trade and he doesn’t care if you make money or not.

Conclusion: Remember this proverb next time someone has a deal for you – they’ll get you involved in something that is NOT INNOCENT and POVERTY follows – the end result is an evil eye.  Do you really want to get rich quick?  Then get saved [2 Cor 8:9]!!!