Gaza Shall Be Forsaken Zeph. 2:4-7

Gaza Shall Be Forsaken Zeph. 2:4-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Lots of attention has been given to the Gaza strip because this is where the Jews evacuated in order to let the “Palestinians” establish a place and to encourage peace in the Middle East.  But, according to this prophecy, this land is going to end up back in the hands of the Jews eventually.  It is in the region of Philistia, which we find in Gen 10:19.  In Jos 10:41, it was conquered by Joshua.  In Josh 15:47, we find it in the possession of Judah [Jud 1:18-19].  The Midianites destroyed the Jews in Gaza later [Jud 6:4].  And by the time of Samson, the Philistines were back in this land [Jud 16:1, 21].  See 1 Sam 6:17.  In 2 Ki 18:8, in the days of  Hezekiah, this region was defeated by Judah.  Amos prophesies against Gaza in Amos 1:6-8 when he prophesies the destruction of the remnant of the Philistines.  In Acts 8:26, this region was desert.  There were no Palestinians living there.  So, the politicians are lying today.  Gaza is now inhabited by Palestinians.  It will be returned to Israel and no longer be inhabited by the Palestinians that are there now.  AND it won’t be a desert but rather a place for sheep to range and cottages for shepherds.  By studying this prophecy, you know more than the news media and the governments of the world, unless they believe the Lord’s words.