Four Types of People Found in Proverbs 1

The book of Proverbs was written by King Solomon, and exposes the wisdom that was given him in by God in 1 Kings 3:12. Reading one chapter of Proverbs each day will expose each of us to God’s wisdom. In the first chapter, Solomon describes four types of people in this world. We want to look what he said about each and learn the truths that God taught Solomon.

The Simple ones

Prov. 1:22, They see no need to change. They love who they are.

Prov. 7:7, They are void of understanding.

Prov. 9:13, They know nothing.

Prov. 14:15, They are gullible.

Prov. 19:25, They learn by example.

Prov. 21:11, They learn by experience.

Prov. 22:3, If they don’t learn, they suffer for it. The lost are simple ones that will go to hell being void of understanding.

The Scorner

Prov. 1:22, They enjoy what they do, so they don‘t change.

Prov. 9:7, Reprove [correct] him and you get shamed.

Prov.9:8, Reprove him and you get hated.

Prov. 13:1, He will not hear a rebuke.

Prov. 22:10, Only solution, you or he leaves. You can’t change a him because he is full of contention, Prov.13:10 and comes from pride.

Prov. 24:9, No one likes a scorner.

The Fool

Prov. 1:7, They have no fear of God.

Prov. 14:9, They mock sin, see Ps. 14:1

Prov. 1:22, They hate knowledge.

Prov. 10:23, They enjoy doing wrong.

Prov. 12:15, They are only concerned with themselves.

Prov. 13:19, They think that you are an abomination, see Prov. 29.27

Prov. 15:5, They are rebellious.

Prov. 17:10, They are difficult to correct.

Prov. 17:21, They are a parents nightmare.

Prov. 17:28, Their mouth tells on them.

Prov. 26:4-5, Deal very carefully with them.

Prov. 28:26, Do you trust in your heart? See Jer. 17:9

The Wise man

Prov. 1:5, They will hear and increase in learning.

Prov. 9:8, They will take correction.

Prov. 9:9, They receive instruction and get wiser.

Prov. 9:10, wise men fear the Lord.

Prov. 10:14, They obtain knowledge for the future.

Prov. 21:20, God blesses the wise man.

Prov. 29:11, They think before they speak, Prov. 20:25, 29:20

As you read through Proverbs daily consider what God says about simple ones, scorners, fools, and wise men. I pray the Holy Spirit will encourage you to be a wise man.