Forgiving Others and Yourself

Forgiving Others and Yourself

1 Jn.1:9

God is faithful to forgive our sins. We should be faithful in forgiving others and ourselves.


Forgiving Others

Fulfills God’s Commandment

  • [1 Jn.1:9] God is faithful to forgive
  • [Matt.18:21-22] 70 x 7 times!
  • [Luke 17:4] 7 times a day!
  • [Matt.6:12] If God forgives us AS we forgive our debtors, then do we receive the same as what we dish out to others when it concerns forgiveness?
  • [Matt.6:14-15] “Forgive to be forgiven” is not a New Testament doctrine, but there is a point to make here, God does want us to show mercy to our fellow man. God does say “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” [Jas.2:8]


Affects your Fellowship with God

  • Your unforgiving heart does affect your fellowship with God [Matt.18:35] the parable is for the Kingdom of Heaven, but the spiritual principle still applies.


Forgiving Yourself

                Acknowledges God’s forgiveness

  • To not forgive yourself, while God has forgiven you, calls God a liar
  • If God is willing to forgive your sin, you should forgive yourself and move on


                Enables you to move on and put it behind you

  • [2Sam.12] David knows that the death of his child is due to his own sin. He feels the guilt.
  • [2Sam.12:21-23] He did what he could and then put it behind him and moved on
  • No use to God is a man laying around feeling guilty about a confessed and forgiven sin, David not only moved on but was more committed to the Lord’s work [Ps.51:13-15]
  • David forgave himself, God forgave him and blessed him with another child [2Sam12:24]