Fishers of Men


If you are ever going to be fishers of men and catch a great multitude of men, you’ll have to:

Launch Out – v.4 – you are going to have to fish for them – you can’t just go from work to home to the store and hope to catch men – you have to go out after them – and you are going to have to go “into the deep” [v.4] and get out of your shallow Christianity to find them.

Be Ready for a Big Catch – v. 4-5 – the Lord told Peter to “let down your nets” (plural) but Peter only “let down the net” (singular) – he was tired and didn’t believe they were going to catch anything – so he only made a half-hearted attempt to obey the Lord’s command – if you do enough fishing you have to be ready for a haul!

Do It His Way – v.5 – as reluctant as Peter was to fish again, he said, “nevertheless at thy word” and so he did what the Lord told him to do, where and when the Lord told him to do it.  They had already fished their way and come up with NOTHING – but when they did it the Lord’s way they came up with fish, a lot of fish – when we fish for men we have to go when the Lord wants us to go, to whom the Lord wants us to go, and do what he tells us to do.

Get Some Help – v.7 – Peter caught so many fish that his net brake and he needed help – we have to help each other when fishing for men – the more help we have the more fish we are able to catch.

Conclusion: These were fish – when it comes to men, you’re going to have to forsake some things [v.11] – these fishermen walked away from the biggest catch of their lives so that they could catch men – you’ll never be involved in this without “giving” and “giving up” some things.