Finish His Work, Jn 4:34

Finish His Work Jn. 4:34 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Jesus said, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.  Each of us has something to do for the Lord.  We should follow Jesus’ example of how to get it done.  To finish his work, we must:

First, find and do God’s will – Jesus knew what the Father’s will was.  And he did his Father’s will.  The Lord makes known his will to you in the words of God.  You should find it and do it.  His will is for you is to get saved [2 Pet 3:9], get clean [1 Thes 4:3-7], surrender to God [Rom 12:1-2], submit to the ordinances of men [1 Pet 2:13-15], serve God when you’re serving others [Eph 6:5-8], and be thankful [1 Thes 5:18].  These are clearly stated.  Do what he says.  You will never finish his work if you are not doing his will!!

Second, start doing God’s work – As you do his will, God will direct you to the specific things he has planned for you to do for him.  He usually gives you something small to do for him, like an entry level position in a large firm.  My first job after graduation from college was in a management training program in a large bank.  From there I progressed and eventually became the president of a community bank.  Likewise, God will put you in positions where he can train you for each step [1 Cor 12:18].  As you progress in your work for him, he gives you more to do.  For instance, a young man gets saved and starts doing the will of God.  As he is doing God’s will, faithfully, his pastor gives him opportunities to help in the church.  He might be a worker in a Sunday school class or help with a children’s ministry.  Then he might teach his own class.  Suppose God calls him to preach.  He attends Bible college.  After college, he becomes a youth minister, then an associate pastor, and finally a pastor.  Of course, this is just an example but I have seen many men go this route.  You will never finish his work if you don’t start doing his work.  Remember that you must be doing his work, not simply asking him to bless your work.

Third, keep doing God’s work – Jesus knew what God’s plan was for his life [Lk 4:16-21].  After he was baptized, he began immediately to preach and to perform miracles [Lk 4:31-39].  When he had preached in one city, he moved on to another and so forth [Lk 4:42-44].  He kept this up until he had gone to all the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  Throughout his ministry, he encountered constant opposition from the Pharisees.  On several occasions, they tried to stone him.  But he never quit.  He also knew that he would be crucified [Lk 9:22].  When the time came, he willingly went to the cross.  The fact that one of his disciples had betrayed him and his other eleven disciples had deserted him and the crowd had turned against him and the sins of men were placed on his righteous body didn’t stop him.  Paul also immediately began to preach after he was saved.  And no matter what opposition he encountered [2 Cor 11:23-30] he remained faithful to continue to do God’s work.  If you want to finish his work, you must keep doing his work.

Finally, finish his work – While on the cross Jesus said, “It is finished,” [Jn 19:30].  He knew that he had completed what God had sent him to do.  When Paul came to the end of his ministry, he said, “I have finished my course,” [2 Tim 4:7].  He had set his mind to finish his course with joy [Acts 20:24].  And finish he did.  Once you know what God wants you to do, do his work until you finish his work.  You won’t finish his work unless you complete what he has given you to do.

Conclusion: I have found that many Christians are not doing God’s will.  You will never get his work done if you are not even doing his will.  Some Christians who are doing his will are doing their own work.  This is not right.  Do his will and do his work.  And no matter the obstacles, stay with it until you complete what he has given you to do.  Only then will you finish his work.