Final Remarks, Rom 16:17-27

Final Remarks Rom. 16:17-27 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Paul’s final remarks to the Romans Paul makes some profound statements that we must study.  This passage is hard to outline so we will just teach it verse by verse.

Divisions and Offenses – Rom 16:17-18 – many men teach doctrinal error.  You can identify them because their doctrines don’t line up with the doctrine you have learned.  You see the importance of teaching doctrine and people aren’t doing that today [2 Tim 4:2-4].  When you find someone in error you are to:

  • Mark them – as in 2 Tim 2:17
  • Avoid them – as in Titus 3:10-11


  • They cause divisions – they say KJV believers are divisive because we are not inclusive. We cannot agree to disagree on the Bible.  We are not non-denominational.  We you don’t hold to Baptist distinctives [which are Biblical] you get all kinds of junk.  It is right to divide over doctrine by sticking with the truth.
  • They cause offences – Rom 14:13 – to offend is to break a law [he committed an offence; he is an offender]. So this is a person that teaches you to live or do contrary to doctrine [i.e. to be baptized for salvation, that your Christian liberty gives you grace to sin, and so forth].
  • They don’t serve the Lord – they say they are serving him BUT they ARE NOT. They serve their own bellies [Phil 3:18-19].
  • They deceive the hearts of the simple – so get well grounded in doctrine so they don’t deceive you.

How? By:

  • Good words – Paul reproved and rebuked 2 Tim 4:2, 2 Cor 10:10, 2 Cor 11:6
  • Fair speeches – Bible preaching is not fair speeches. According to Ps 55:21; Prov 5:3, people who talk like that are up to no good.  This is not how Jesus spoke [Jn 8; Matt 23].

Wise and Simple – Rom 16:19 – others know your faith, so stand firm.  Be wise unto good [then you must apply your heart to this wisdom].  Be simple concerning evil [the less you know about it the better – innocence].  Walk with wise men and stay away from the evil Prov 4:14-15 [movies, internet, chat rooms, social media sites and cell phones are not the place to learn].  You don’t want to forget these final remarks.

Satan bruised – Rom 16:20 – God will bruise Satan under our feet.  See the prophecy in Gen 3:15. The bride of Christ is the woman who will bruise his head.  The timing is the second advent of Jesus [Hab 3:13]. Sisera, a type of the antichrist, was killed by a woman who pierced his head with a tent nail [Jud 4:21-22].  Abimelech, a type of the antichrist, was killed by a woman who dropped a piece of a millstone on his head [Jud 9:52-53].  Goliath, a type of the antichrist, was slain by David, a type of Christ, who hit him in the head with a stone.

Paul’s companions – Rom 16:21

Dictation – Rom 16:22 – Paul dictated the letter to Tertius [Jer 36].

Gaius and Erastus – Rom 16:23 – Gaius was Paul’s host [1 Cor 1:14]. Erastus was the chamberlain [treasurer] of Corinth.  So, Paul led some of the noble to the Lord [Paul said not many noble, 1 Cor 1:26, but some].  He led some of Caesar’s household to the Lord, Phil 4:22.

Several endings – Rom 16:24; 16:20 and 15:33. Preachers sometimes don’t know when to stop.  But you don’t want to quit listening until he finishes his final remarks.

My gospel – Rom 16:25 – stablished by MY gospel [Rom 2:16].  The revelation of the mystery was kept secret until it was revealed to Paul [2 Cor 12:1; Gal 1:12].  This includes doctrines like the indwelling Christ; the baptism into Christ; the body of Christ, the church; eternal security; spiritual circumcision; the rapture of the Church; and so forth.  The Old Testament prophets never saw these things.  Rom 16:26, but now they are manifest BY the scriptures of the prophets [1 Pet 1:10-12; Lk 24].  It was there; they just couldn’t see it.

Obedience – Rom 16:26 – obedience to the faith is accomplished by believing Jesus Christ and his words and doing what they say.

To God be the glory – Rom 16:27.

Conclusion:  These are good final remarks to the wise.