Fellowship with Jesus Christ

The marriage relationship best illustrates the relationship God desires to have with His people.  Because of that, in the book of Song of Solomon there is much devotional material about our fellowship with Jesus Christ.

Contrary to popular thought the book is not full of innuendo.  The discussion of human anatomy is no more descriptive than other places in the Bible.  And truly, the overtones that have been read into the book reveal more about the one reading it than it does the book itself.

Before we begin, let’s consider that the book of Song of Solomon was written and given to Israel.  It’s purpose was to point to Israel’s Maker and husband according to Isaiah 54:5.  God said to Israel in Jeremiah 3:14 I am married to thee.  When God was manifest in the flesh in Jesus Christ and presented as the bridegroom to Israel the message was clear that the God of the Old Testament was now in the flesh with His people.  (See Matthew 9:15, 25:1, Mark 2:19-20, and John 3:29 where Jesus Christ is shown as the bridegroom.)

Now, the mystery of the body of Christ that Paul spoke of is that Gentiles get in on this marriage.  We’ve turned that around to say the bride is a Gentile bride, but the reality is the bride began with Israel and Gentiles have been graffed in according to Romans 11:17-24.

So what can we learn from these few verses in the Song of Solomon about our fellowship with Jesus Christ as it is portrayed by a bride and groom?

The invitation to share in the joy He’s prepared

  • 5:1 I am come into my garden, my sister, my spouse: …drink abundantly O beloved.
  • The bridegroom is clearly experiencing joy that he wants his bride to be a part of.
  • Jesus Christ has prepared everything for you to share in his joy.

Fellowship with Jesus Christ is an inconvenience to the flesh

  • 5:2 I sleep, but my heart waketh:
  • If someone is knocking while you’re asleep it is because they came too early or they came too late, or you’re sleeping when you aren’t expected to be asleep. Consider the spiritual application of 1 Thessalonians 5:5-10 where God’s children are children of the day, not of the night.
  • Spiritual sleep is defined by the opportunities that are lost as seen here with the bride.  The Philippians were ready when the opportunity came though.  Philippians 4:10 … but ye lacked opportunity
  • 5:2-4 it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh – Revelation 3:20 – Isn’t this amazing that the bride is too comfortable to open the door for her husband.  She doesn’t even want to get up for him.  Just like we are with the Lord Jesus Christ many times.
  • The spirit is willing but the body is weak Matthew 26:41.  Fellowship with Jesus Christ is always an inconvenience to the flesh because the flesh goes contrary, as does the world, to everything Jesus Christ is doing.

Fellowship is on His terms

  • 5:5-6 I opened to my beloved,; but my beloved had withdrawn himself
  • Not because He just wants to boss you around, but because He is all wise and knows how to have real fellowship with His people.  His terms keep the filth out, ensure the future, and produce untainted joy.
  • Someone asked, Do you really think God cares how you worship Him?  Of course and you do too.  You don’t believe the child sacrifices in the Old Testament were pleasing to God do you?  Good, so everyone has their limits and no one truly believes that “come as you want to be” is a doctrine of God.  The problem is you’ve defined God’s terms by how you feel and not by God’s words.  Worship is in spirit and in truth according to John 4:23.

Yielding to the flesh or delayed obedience will put you in the wrong place

  • 5:7 the watchmen that went about the city.  The bride ends up in the city again when her groom is in the vineyard.

Lessons not learned the first time are more expensive the second time

  • Song of Solomon 3:1-3 The bride has already done this once and wound up in the city.  Now, she is doing it again.  The trouble is the second lesson will be more expensive.