Many times we bring lost people to this passage to show them where “unbelieving” people go at the final judgment. But, “fearful” people are listed first. I realize this passage does not affect a saved child of God, but we all stand before the same God (Heb.13:5-8), and He does not change. So I believe that God does not want us to be fearful.

[2Tim.1:7] God did not give the “spirit of Fear”, so if you are fearful it did not come from God. If not from God, Where does fear come from?

You have Three Spiritual Enemies:

[James 4:4] The World is your enemy. Today the world has everyone fearful by using the News media. Heard anything About the Corona Virus?

[Gal.5:17-21] Your Flesh is your enemy. See all the things listed that are manifested by the flesh? Your flesh lust after those things. Check out you local and national news today and you will find that list is the contents of your news!

[1 Pet.5:8] The Devil is your enemy. He is a master at using the world and the flesh to devour or destroy you.

How should we be reacting?

[1 Pet.5:8]  Be sober – calm, regular, Not wild. The world around you is definitely not sober right now.

Be Vigilant –  watchful, attentive, You don’t ignore the things around you, but you certainly trust God to direct your paths, (Prov.3:5-6)

[1 Pet.5:9] Resist in the faith – You have God! (James 4:6-8), remember that we suffer the same afflictions, we are not exempt!

[1 Pet.5:10] But: God uses these times to do four things:

                Perfect you: (Eph.4:11-18), to make you a perfect man

                Stablish you:( Col.2:6-7) Stablished in the faith (Rom.5:1-5), with thanksgiving!

                Strengthen you: (Col.1:10-13), by His Glorious Power

                Settle you: (Col.1:23) God wants you grounded and settled!

[Heb.4:16] Don’t run for the cliff! Run to God!