They That Feared the Lord Mal.3:16-18

They That Feared the Lord Mal.3:16-18 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

They that feared the Lord are doctrinally those in the Tribulation who are saved [Rev 14:6-7].  The fear of the Lord is part of the everlasting gospel preached by the angel in Rev 14.  Those who are saved in the church age should fear the Lord because of all of the benefits that are derived from his fear.

People who fear the Lord:

Speak often to each other – there is a kindred spirit in fellowship with others who fear the Lord – his fear draws us closer to him and closer to each other.

Think upon his name – his name is exalted and it is the name whereby we are saved.

Are the Lord’s jewels – when we get saved we are lively stones in the Lord – when you lead others to Christ, you are given a crown of rejoicing at the judgment seat of Christ and the souls you “win” are as stones in that crown.

Are spared from hell – those who fear the Lord are spared from hell and the typical sorrow the world endures because we know that those loved ones who die in the Lord are secure with him in heaven.

Discern between the righteous and the wicked – there are many who profess to be saved but who are not righteous because their “salvation” is merely a profession and not a possession – they act right but they are not right in Christ – a person who fears the Lord can discern this.

Discern between those who serve the Lord and those who serve themselves – there are many who are like parasites in Christianity – they serve their own belly and not the Lord Jesus Christ – those who fear the Lord can discern those who serve their own belly – between those who are sacrificial in their service and those who are selfish.