Psalm 27: 1-4


Verse 1            Remember who He is! “Whom shall I fear?”

            My Light         Lk.1:79, 2:32. John 1:1-9

            My salvation  John 14:6, 1 Tim.2:5, Rom.8:34

            My strength   John 15:5 “without me ye can do nothing”

Verse 2            Remember what He has done! “they stumbled and fell”

            Past history – bogey man hasn’t got you yet

Verse 3            Be Confident  – Having full belief; trusting; relying; fully assured.

Phil 1:6

Ps. 118:8-9

Prov. 3:26

Verse 4            “one thing have I desired of the lord…”


            Dwell   “in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,”

                                     Are you dwelling in God’s will?

Ps. 4:8 Safety

Ps. 65:4 Satisfied

Ps. 84:4 Blessing


            Behold              “the beauty of the Lord”

                        Are you looking at the size of the problem, or the size of your God?

                                    Ps.90:17 (verse 16 thy work)


            Inquire “in his temple”

                        Who are you asking for help?

                        Old Testament they had to go to the temple to ask

                        Now Heb.4:16 throne of Grace