Judges 20:26

                Fasting has its first mention in your Bible in Judges 20:26. The children of Israel went up to the house of God and fasted until the evening. By reading the chapter you can see that they really needed to get hold God. Fasting is a very useful method in approaching God when you have a great need. Let’s now look at the Bible to see what benefit it is to a Christian today.

Is fasting really for a Christian today?    Yes.

  • Jesus fasted [Matt.4:2] before his temptation of the devil
[Matt.6:16] not if but when ye fast

[Mk.2:18-20] they shall fast in those days

  • Paul fasted [2 Cor.11:27] He fasted often
  • The church fasted [Acts 13:3] before sending out missionaries [Acts 14:23] ordained elders


What is considered a fast?

  • [Lev.16:29-31] [Lev.23:27-32] these passages speak of “afflicting the soul
  • [Ps.35:13] “I humbled my soul with fasting”
  • It is a period of time in which you deprive the flesh of food (and water in shorter periods)


What are some results of fasting?           [Isa.58:8-9]         (Spiritually applied)

  • Light – a clearer view of: God, yourself, and the issue [Ps.119:130] the word gives light
  • Health – proven medical fact to be excellent for your body, isn’t that wild, deprive it and it’s good for it.
  • Righteousness– it exposes you and your sin to God [John 3:21] Have you ever considered a fast to allow god to speak to you of His view of your sin? Your flesh normally shields you from hearing from God.
  • Glory – [1 Cor.6:20] you glorify God in your body and spirit
  • Answered prayer (the answer may be peace about the issue)

Esther and Jews to change the king’s mind about Haman’s ordinance to kill the Jews [Est.4:16]

Nehemiah for mercy in the sight of the king for Jerusalem [Neh.1:4]


Some precautions with fasting

  • Ask your doctor if you can medically fast?
  • Fasting should be prompted by the Holy Spirit for spiritual reasons, never as a means of obtaining a direct blessing from God.
  • Fasting, prayer and tithing don’t obligate God and make him a servant.