Prov. 20:6

                “Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?” When a man proclaims his own goodness we call that self-righteousness. It is not hard to find a self-righteous person, but a faithful man who can find? Faithfulness is becoming harder and harder to find. Solomon thought it was hard to find in his day. What would he think today? Let’s look at three of the areas that the Bible mentions faithfulness.


A Faithful Soldier            Constant, not fickle, obedient, loyal

  • [2 Tim.4:6-7] You make the choice to be faithful, faithfulness is a choice

“…fought a good fight” [1 Tim.6:12] faithfulness is not easy, it is easier to be unfaithful, you will make mistakes

“…finished my course” Stay in God’s will for your life [Heb.12:1] your race

“…kept the faith” [Eph.2:2] faithfulness refuses to walk in the course of this world


A Faithful Spouse            True to the marriage covenant

  • [Prov.31:10-12] If you have a wife that is priced far above rubies, you will never sing “Ruby don’t take your love to town” faithfulness. Also he has no need of spoil, meaning he needs nothing else in his life or marriage.
  • [Prov.5:15-20] Men must be true to their wives, faithfulness. “Ravished” to be carnally delighted, Looking at other women is a true form of unfaithfulness.
  • [Job 31:1] Take Job’s advice Faithfulness is a choice



A Faithful Steward          Trustworthy

  • [1Cor.4:2] It is required [1 Cor. 3:13-15] [2 Cor.5:10][Rom.14:120-12]
  • [Luke 16:10] Be faithful right now with whatever God has given you because he is watching to see how you handle it. If you show no faithfulness with the small things, God will not give you larger things. If our son abused his new BB gun, would we go buy him a AR-15? You are going to answer the question someday, why not answer it now? God will say: what have you done with the thing I have given you? Faithfulness is a choice, choose to be faithful. Start today.