Everyone one of us at some point has had our hope deferred and needs to be encouraged, some more often than others. The trials that each of us go through can cause us to be discouraged. Encouragement is found in certain places. The Bible shows us how and where to get encouraged.


[1 Sam.30:6] Encourage yourself in the Lord

  • The Lord’s Presence
    • Never has or never will change [Heb.13:8]
    • Never has or never will leave or forsake you [Heb.13:5]
    • His grace abounds in your weakness [2 Cor.12:9]



[2Chron.35:1-2] Encourage yourself through the Men of the Lord

  • The Lord’s Perspective
    • Far too often we are discouraged because we have lost the correct perspective on our problems.
    • A man of God that can look at your problems from another angle or perspective, without the emotion that you have.
    • A man of God can encourage you by showing you what the Lord has to say about your situation and the corrective things that should take place to change your situation.
    • We get bogged down and blinded to a way out because of this lost perspective, so if you want to be encouraged, seek out some godly counsel.



[2Chron.31:4] Encourage yourself in the Law of the Lord

  • The Lord’s Promises
    • His Protection [Prov.3:5-6] Who else would you have direct your path?
    • His Provision [Phil. 4:13] His strength will deliver you and encourage you.
    • [Ps.138:8] the Lord used this verse to encourage me in the past.
    • [Rom.8:28] All things work together for the good, it’s still in the book!!!