Encourage Him, Deut 1:38

Encourage Him Deut. 1:38 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Lord told Moses to encourage Joshua, his replacement, as he was about to lead Israel into the Promised Land.  He needed to encourage him because he was going to cause Israel to inherit the land.  We likewise need to encourage our replacements because they have an inheritance in the millennial reign of Jesus Christ that’s at stake. We need to encourage them:

To fight against the enemies of the Lord – Jos 1:5 – there would be many to fight in Canaan.  Likewise, the devil and the world are stoutly opposing our next generation to keep them from receiving an inheritance with the Lord.  They are succumbing to the enemies during these perilous times.

To be strong and of a good courage – Jos 1:6 – it’s absolutely vital for leaders to demonstrate strength and courage under fire.  Those following you need to see your strength and courage.  You strength and courage keep them in the fight and help them to develop their own strength and courage in the Lord.

To observe to do all the law – Jos 1:7 – we know that not long after the Jews entered Canaan they departed from the law and every man did that which was right in his own eyes.  This is the age of malicious liberality.  We have to encourage our replacements not to depart from the law, 2 Tim 2:3-5.

To stay in the words of God – Jos 1:8 – years after the kings began to reign, the priests forsook the book of the law.  Under the reign of Josiah, for instance, they had to “blow the dust off the book.”  Our replacements are the most Biblically illiterate Christians that there have ever been.  We need to encourage them to get into and to stay in the Bible!!

Conclusion: Moses’ replacement was Joshua and God told Moses to encourage him.  Who is your replacement?  Your son?  A young man in your church?  A young friend?  Whoever he may be, you need to encourage him in the things of the Lord!!