Elimelech – A Carnally Minded Father

Ruth 1:1-6

Elimelech was a a carnally minded father.  Let’s find out what that means, why it is bad, and what dads can do to avoid being carnally minded.

Pursues Convenience over the Will of God

  • You will constantly be pushed and stressed to move in a direction contrary to God.
    • The world and God are enemies.  Friendship with the world is enmity with God.
    • And the natural position to fall back into to relieve stress is familiar sin.
    • Quit being surprised when you’re faced with a conflict that tempts you out of the will of God

Elimelech runs from God’s will

  • Heads for Financial Security
  • Wealth as a measuring stick for God’s will is wickedness (1 Timothy 6:5, 10)
  • Romans 8:6 – there were three tombs left in Moab that no one expected
  • How do you handle pressure? Psalm 4

Leaves His Family No Godly Heritage

  • If you were to die, what will your children think of Jesus Christ? The Bible? The church?
  • As a result of your influence on your family’s lives, what would they think about these things?
  • Have you given them any influence that would benefit their relationship with the Lord in your absence?
  • They are watching your example
  • If you are choosing to disregard your God-given responsibility to grow your children in the Lord Jesus Christ and lead your family, you are carnally minded

Is the Reason His Children Miss the Blessing of God

  • God had visited Bethlehem but Elimelech had taken his family out of Bethlehem to pursue money and they missed the visitation of God
  • This man is the reason his family is in the bad shape it is in