Easily Beset

Easily Beset


This verse speaks of “the sin which doth so easily beset us”, and how it can weigh us down. To beset something is to surround, enclose, entangle, or press on all sides. Last week after boarding a tanker in our port, the seaman escorted us to their break room. Just like other break rooms, the walls were covered with company rules, and safety posters. I found a poster on this wall that really got my attention. It read:

Ships don’t sink because of the water around them,

Ships sink because of the water that gets in them.

Don’t let the things around you, get in you, and

Weigh you down.

We as Christians are just like these ships. We are beset, or surrounded with the things of the world, just as the ship is surrounded by water. A ship is made to be in the water, and we have no choice but to be in the world.

[1Jn.4:4-5] Remember that you have a Captain, Jesus Christ, that is greater than he that is in the world. Each ship hires the best captain to be the master of the ship. When you got saved you received the best captain of all. Jesus Christ will help you through this world, and we are to not let any of it get in us, and weigh us down.

[2Pet.2:20] The Pollutions of this world

Ships travel through very polluted areas, and if it doesn’t get in the ship, there is no problem.

This world can pollute a Christian in many ways, verse 18-19, swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lust of the flesh. That is every television commercial that is ever been made. Through much wantonness, which is self-indulgence, or pamper and spoiled people. The pollutions of this world will spoil a Christian. Some examples; covetousness, greed, stinky attitudes, mummering, or being a busybody, [1 Pet.4:14-15] puts busybody in a very serious group of sins. Social media is the forum for being a busy body. When you let any of these things that are around you, get in you, they will weigh you down.

[2Pet.1:4] The Corruption of this world

Every ship that I have ever seen, is constantly being painted. Anything that is in salt water constantly suffers from corruption, rust. Every so often it must be scraped down to remove barnacles. Corruption will, if not attended to, destroy the ship.

This world will corrupt even the most alert Christian. We need to be so aware of what we allow in our eyes and ears. We have been given exceeding great and precious promises, so that we can be, partakers of the divine nature. God wants you to escape the corruption that is in the world. He will help you. We all need to be very aware of this corruption and be constantly protecting ourselves from letting in get in.


[1Pet.5:9] The Afflictions of this world

Ships are designed to hold up under the afflictions of the sea. Bad storms, high wind and waves, and some are designed with a double hull to protect from being punctured by rocks, etc.

All of us will go through the storms of life and we are designed to survive these afflictions, with Jesus Christ at the helm. Sometime ships are knocked off track and lose their way, and so can we suffer the same affliction. We do have a GPS. God’s Perfect System, his word. Just as ships have mechanical problems, we will have health problems and once again we can endure these afflictions because of the master, Jesus Christ. Don’t let any affliction get in you and weigh you down.