A Dozen Good Habits

A Dozen Good Habits


Good habits are necessary. These twelve rules for a way of life were written long ago in a family Bible, and are still useful in this present world. These dozen habits will bless you and please God.


  • Begin each day with prayer [Ps.5:3]
  • Start your day looking up


  • Work hard [Ecc.9:10] with thy might
  • [Eph.6:5] as unto Christ [Titus 2:9-10] please them well in all things


  • Love your Family [Titus 2:1-8] comes by observation
  • [Eph.5:20-33] comes by command


  • Make Light of your Troubles [Phil.4:4-7] careful for nothing
  • [1 Cor.10:13] common to man, none of yours are special


  • Follow the golden rule [Matt.7:12]
  • Treating others as would like them to treat you


  • Read the Bible [Isa.34:16] You must seek it out!
  • [1 Pet.2:2] Feed and grow


  • Show Kindness [2 Pet.1:5-9]
  • Kindness is a choice, you choose to be kind


  • Read worthwhile books [Prov.19:27]
  • When this list was compiled in the 1800’s there was no internet, tv, wow. Be very careful with what you are exposed to today


  • Be pure and clean [2 Cor.6:17-18] be separate
  • [1 Pet.1:15-16] be ye holy


  • Have charity in your heart [Gal.6:2] a burden for others
  • [Gal.5:13-14] that one word is charity


  • Be obedient and respectful [Rom.13:1-2] it’s for your advantage
  • [1 Pet.2:17-18] be subject to


  • End each day in prayer [Ps.141:2]
  • Let your prayers be a final sacrifice of the day, as sweet incense