Doom and Gloom

Doom and Gloom

1 Tim. 6:20

Paul warned Timothy of the “oppositions” (doom and gloom) of Science, and that it is falsely called science. We just passed a day on the calendar celebrated as “Earth Day”. Conceived in 1970, it has been a great tool used by “science falsely so called” to strike fear into all of us. At that time, it was predicted that civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken to save planet earth. We have since been bombarded with Global warming, carbon footprints, endangered species, threat of a new ice age, fear of future shortages of natural gas, oil, food, clean air, and any economy at all. Well, we are still here forty-seven years later. Let’s look at some Bible truths about doom and gloom.

[Zeph.1:14-18] The real day of Gloom and Doom. The day of Wrath. The Tribulation and Second Advent.

[1 Thes. 1:10, 5:9-11] We are not appointed to wrath, Praise God. Comfort yourselves, [ 4:13-18]

Climate Changes

[Gen.8:20-22] God has promised that they will “not cease”. Not exactly what you hear in the news!

During the Tribulation, [Matt.24:21] it will get HOT.

  • [Matt.24:22] [Amos 8:9-12] God will shorten the days, only famine is one of the word of God
  • [Isa.30:26] Seven-fold, that is going to be real Global warming
  • Like [Dan.3:19] a picture of that furnace being heated up seven times more.
  • [Rev.16:8-9] Men will be scorched, why doesn’t the news media preach this?

Finally, It will All Burn Up! And no place will be found for them! [Rev.20:11]

  • [2Pet.3:7-13] the old “mother earth” will meet doom and gloom
  • [Matt. 24:35] the earth shall pass away, but NOT MY WORDS, praise God.

The Economy

[Matt.6:19-21] Some folks are stocking and storing up for the hard times ahead, Bad Plan.

[James 5:1-3] Don’t heap up things for the last days

[Eze.7:19] Your gold and silver won’t run out, it will be worthless!

[Prov.11:4] [Zeph.1:18] It will profit not in the day of wrath

[Rev.21:21] God uses it for pavement!

[Rev.13:16-17] Some will be forced to take the mark so they can buy or sell


Conclusion of the matter              [Ecc.12:13-14]

Solomon wrote the entire book of Ecclesiastes about “things under the sun”, this life we live on earth. He said it is “ALL VANITY”. [Col.3:2] Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth.